Haute Spots: Amara Spa: A Blissful, Healing Haven

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amara spa

Dubai is filled with fabulous spas, and the premier ones put their own unique twist on their treatment packages. Amara Spa at the Park Hyatt Dubai is one such place, and when you depart, you’re sure to leave feeling like royalty.

amara spa
Amara Spa pairs modern decor with a relaxing ambiance for the ultimate spa experience.

Photo Credit: Dubai Park Hyatt

Amara Spa offers customized experiences based on the beliefs surrounding the ancient healing properties of four precious gems: the sapphire, ruby, emerald, and diamond. Each of the gems are believed to have their own healing benefits, both physical and spiritual, and the spa centers each of its treatments on one or more of these gems while combining their properties with some of the most luxurious spa products and Arabian teas.

The sapphire is believed to have soothing properties that invoke a sense of calm and relaxation. The jewel is also associated with de-stressing, harmony, peace, and serenity. The ruby is believed to have age-defying properties which can help revitalize the skin and restore youthful vitality, while the emerald is associated with detoxification, healing, and cleansing both physically and emotionally. Finally, the diamond is believed to help energize and revive the senses while also providing clarity and bringing stability to any imbalances, whether emotional or physical. Amara Spa offers a variety of massages and other treatments which are named for the properties of the jewel they are meant to cover.

amara spa
Whether you merely need time alone to soak your cares away, or you’re planning a girls’ night of pampering, Amara Spa offers a customized experience.

Photo Credit: Dubai Park Hyatt

Among the spa brands Amara Spa uses in its treatments are Natura Blisse, an exclusive line of skincare products, and Anne Semonin, which combines trace elements with essential oils to create custom serums and complexes based on botanical or marine elements. Amara also uses products from Aromatherapy Associates, Hommage, and Green Bar.

Amara Spa patrons have plenty of treatments and packages to choose from, including a couples package, which includes a coffee and cardamom scrub, a sandalwood and rosewater body wrap, stretch massage, and other services. There’s also a detox package for those looking to purify their skin and experience an anti-cellulite massage and a package designed to pamper mothers-to-be.

The spa also offers what it calls “ceremonies,” which go beyond the typical spa offerings. For example, the Spirit of Arabia Ceremony offers deep cleansing and relaxation techniques derived from ancient methods but with a modern twist. The ceremony uses Aleppo soap, which is made using a recipe that dates as far back as eighth-century Syria. And then there’s the Rhasoul Clay Ceremony, which includes a body scrub made of Bedouin herbs and then a clay body mask which infuses the skin with minerals to detoxify it.

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