Top 5 Best Banchan Restaurants in Boston

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Korean restaurants are an often difficult find in Boston, unless you know where to go. Here are our picks for some of the best banchan in town:




1 Koreana

If you are unfamiliar with the term “banchan,” it is simply described as side dishes for a Korean meal. At Koreana in Cambridge, they do it well. From shredded beef and vegetables in spicy beef broth to a dumpling rice cake soup, each hearty dish is served with a side of white or brown rice.
154-158 Prospect St. Cambridge, MA 02139

2 Bonchon

Not all chicken wings were created equally, especially at Bonchon where the Korean specialty restaurant focuses on chicken in its every form. Start off by picking your favorite – wings, drums or strips – and then choose your sauce (think spicy, soy garlic or a combination of both in half and half). Complement your authentic experience by adding on a side of kimchi, steamed rice or miso soup. They also offer a nice selection of hot tapas like pork belly shioyaki, spicy basil beef and rice cake skewers along with heartier dishes like seafood scallion pancakes and chicken Katsu Don.
123 Brighton Ave. Allston, MA 02134

3 Suishaya

A hidden Korean gem is found right here in Chinatown. Suishaya gets it right with dishes like duk mandu guk (rice cakes and dumplings with egg in beef broth with clear noodles), kimchi jigae (homemade kimchi with pork and tofu in a spicy stew) and kalbi tang (prime short ribs in beef broth filled with noodles). Suishaya also offers a nice selection of stews and rice dishes that include classic bibimbap served with a spicy side of chili pepper paste.
2 Tyler St. Boston, MA 02111

4 Kaju Tofu House

Kaju Tofu House
Over in Harvard Square sits a small little jewel known as Kaju Tofu House. The restaurant does not specialize solely in tofu. Instead, they offer hot stone bulgogi soup made with sliced ribeye, noodles and vegetables, along with barbecue beef galbi.
57 JFK St. Cambridge, MA 02138

5 Meju

In Davis Square, Meju has garnered quite a following at this Korean restaurant with their pan fried tofu topped with kimchi, pork belly tacos, spicy pork dumplings and spicy rice cake made with mozarella, fishcake, onion and cabbage. For a heartier dish, try the stone pot bibmbap with your choice of beef, tofu, chili octopus or soy eel served with a combination of white and brown rice or purple rice.
243 Elm St. Somerville, MA 02144
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