5 Hautest Spots to Get Your Chocolate Fix in Dallas

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Photo Credit: DG HugheMoney may not be able to buy happiness but it can buy chocolate and that is almost the same thing. When the need for chocolate hits you could run to your local grocery store for a chocolate bar or, if you are craving that smooth, melt-in-your-mouth experience that only artisan chocolate can give you, you can head to one of these chocolate shops for a unique, wonderful bite of bliss.

No need to lick the bowl.


CocoAndre specializes in delicious, creamy truffles.
CocoAndre specializes in delicious, creamy truffles.

Photo Credit: CocoAndre

Located in Bishop Arts District, family owned CocoAndre has some of the most beautiful chocolate molds that you’ll ever see. Chocolate high heeled shoes, holiday themes, the Eiffel Tower — the choice is yours. Each is more beautiful than the last. That’s not all. You’ll find imaginatively flavored truffles, so smooth and buttery that they just melt in your mouth. Spicy chile truffles, raspberry lavender, and rosemary ginger are only a few of the flavors available. As you walk in you are greeted by the scent of chocolate all around, and it’s wonderful.

This is the spot for you if you love elegance, classical music, and orchids.

Chocolate Secrets

These cute chocolates are flavored with Organic black forest bacon cooked, candied and encased in a dark chocolate ganache
These cute chocolates are flavored with Organic black forest bacon cooked, candied and encased in a dark chocolate ganache

Photo Credit: Chocolate Secrets

Located in the Oak Lawn area, Chocolate Secrets is more than just a place to go buy chocolate. It’s a life experience. Not only can you eat some pretty amazing chocolate but you can take classes in everything from chocolate and wine pairings to instruction on how to make your own chocolate. Bon bons that should get an award of some kind, if they haven’t already, are the Black Forest Bacon Bites with the painted flying pig on the top.

Best for those of you who love playing Clue, prefer tweed jackets, and love long walks in the rain followed by a brandy by the fire.

Dude Sweet Chocolate

Beautifully decorated chocolates from Dude Sweet Chocolate
Beautifully decorated chocolates from Dude Sweet Chocolate

Photo Credit: Dude Sweet Chocolate

Dude Sweet Chocolate is also located in Bishop Arts District but it is as different from CocoAndre as can be. Where CocoAndre is traditional, classic chocolate with an elegant twist Dude Sweet Chocolate is edgy, intense, and in your face. Truffles made with peaty scotch whiskey, fudge with bleu cheese, and toffee with porcini mushrooms mixed in are all part of the Dude Sweet Chocolate party.

This is the perfect choice for you if you like alternative music, Jackson Pollack’s artwork, and Film Noire.

Kate Weiser Chocolate

Kate Weiser Chocolate is uniquely decorated in fun, happy designs.

Photo Credit: Kate Weiser Chocolates

Kate Weiser Chocolates, located in Trinity Groves are unique, fresh, and totally drool-worthy. Her flavors are light and happy, as well as being gorgeous. She creates chocolate bon bon flavors like sweet potato, buttery popcorn, and strawberry basil that are comfortingly reminiscent of childhood yet have a boho vibe. Kate was the executive chocolatier at Chocolate Secrets before opening up her own place.

Kate Weiser Chocolates are your go to chocolatier if you love the Beach Boys, aprons, and Mom’s apple pie.

Sublime Chocolate

Sublime chocolates can be shipped right to you.
Sublime chocolates can be shipped right to you.

Photo Credit: Sublime Chocolate

Sublime Chocolate is quite possibly the only chocolatier in DFW that creates their own dark chocolate directly from the cocoa beans! They call it bean to bar. They are shipped cocoa beans and then they roast them to flavorful perfection. From that point they grind, refine, temper, and create dark chocolate treats. They have not yet begun this process with their milk chocolate treats. Blackberry ganache, honey caramel with Hawaiian red sea salt, and golden curry with coconut are there to tempt your tastebuds.

Sublime Chocolate might be for you if you enjoy cocktail parties, Art Deco, and F. Scott Fitzgerald.

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