The Top 5 Non-Sweet Strawberry Dishes in SF

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11254157_10153402621113938_4069516267189516483_nIt’s strawberry season and the beloved berry has been popping up on menus all over town. While there are plenty of sweet preparations, think classic strawberry shortcake, milkshakes, and macarons, and lots of drink offerings (strawberry mojito, anyone?), we’re most excited by the unusual uses of strawberries. We’re talking about serving the berry in a savory dish. Here, the top five non-dessert strawberry dishes in San Francisco.

1 Americano’s Burrata and Strawberry Appetizer

You can’t go wrong with a simple appetizer of grilled bread and burrata, but the folks at Americano take it one step further on the delicious scale by adding strawberries. The creamy melt in your mouth burrata comes in a pool of sweet strawberries. A pistachio relish adds a lovely crunch to the hors d’oeurve. We recommend pairing with a glass of champagne.
Hotel Vitale 8 Mission Street San Francisco, CA 94105

2 Park Tavern’s Arugula and Strawberry Salad

Jonathan Gill
There’s nothing like a little fresh fruit to sweet up a bitter greens salad. Although the combination of arugula and strawberries has become something of a spring classic over the past few year, Park Tavern’s version is especially scrumptious because it includes creamy blue cheese (not just any blue cheese, but everyone’s favorite local blue from Point Reyes) and toasted walnuts.
1652 Stockton Street San Francisco, CA 94133

3 Aveline’s Trout with Seared Strawberries

Trout and strawberries might seem like an unlikely duo, but the restaurant Aveline proves that the two ingredients marry together quite well. The rainbow trout has a delectably crispy skin and a savory lemon curd, fresh lava beans, slivered almonds, and of course the strawberries. The dish is a perfect balance of sweet and salty.
490 Geary Street San Francisco, CA 94102

4 Hog & Rock’s Chicken Liver Mousse with Green Strawberries

Hog & Rocks
Chef Robin Song’s smooth addictive chicken liver mousse is a staple on the menu at Hog & Rocks in the Mission. This summer, he’s given the mousse a seasonal makeover with a green and red strawberry garnish. Served with a side of rye bread this old school appetizer goes modern thanks to the juicy sweetness of the fresh berries.
3431 19th Street San Francisco, CA 94110

5 Perbacco’s Burrata with Green Peppercorn Marinated Strawberries

Perbacco is one of our favorite restaurants in downtown and like Americano, chef Staffan Terje decided to pair his strawberries with burrata. Terje’s variation brings out the savoriness of the strawberries by marinating them with spicy green peppercorns. The pretty dish also features almonds, fresh basil, and aged Balsamico. Delish!
230 California Street San Francisco, CA 94111
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