Haute 5: Top Men’s Harry Winston Watches For Eid

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Harry Winston

Harry Winston is one of the hottest brand names in diamonds, jewelry and watches. The self-dubbed “Diamond King” also offers exquisite men’s watches which make perfect Eid gifts.

Harry Winston’s Project Z9

Harry Winston
The Z9 is the arguably the classiest addition to the Project Z line yet.

Photo Credit: Harry Winston

One of Harry Winston’s newest watches is the Project Z9, the newest edition to the brand’s Project Z collection, which was launched in 2004. The Project Z line features highly technical timepieces made using the highest quality materials.

Like in the previous models in the collection, Harry Winston has given the Z9 a zalium casing. The watch features 36,000 vibrations per hour, 37 jewels and a 50-hour power reserve. The back of the casing is open and made of sapphire crystal. This limited edition watch also sports a two-tone dial and a galvanic black base.

The Opus XIII

Harry Winston
Harry Winston’s Opus XIII offers magic and mystery in the movements of its hands.

Photo Credit: Harry Winston

Harry Winston’s High Complications collection features several versions of the Opus watch, with the latest one being the Opus XIII. The company’s website declares that the watch “astonishes the eye with an unconventional way of telling time that blends complex mechanics with visual magic.”

This fabulous watch in white gold has 570 different parts and is highly complex with 59 minute hands and 11 triangles that mark the hours. The Opus XIII is remarkable in many ways, one of which is the way the minute hands all disappear at the same time and then are replaced by a triangular hour marker. Harry Winston was even thoughtful enough to put its logo on the dial of the watch every 12 hours. The logo disappears at the end of the hour.

The Ocean Dual Time

Harry Winston
The Ocean Dual Time Automatic watch features stunning colors in addition to an exquisite design.

Photo Credit: Harry Winston

Another fabulous watch from Harry Winston is the Ocean Dual Time Automatic 44mm. It comes in rose gold and features 28,800 vibrations per hour, 32 jewels, and a 72-hour power reserve. The back of the case is open sapphire crystal.

The dial as a galvanic black circular finish with a Clou de Paris motif on it.

Ocean Tourbillon Jumping Hour

Harry Winston
The black sapphire dial on Harry Winston’s Ocean Tourbillon Jumping Hour watch offers a sleek, classic look.

Photo Credit: Harry Winston

Those seeking a more traditional-looking watch from Harry Winston might consider the Ocean Tourbillon Jumping Hour. It’s available in white gold and features 28,800 vibrations per hour, 41 jewels and a 110-hour power reserve.

This exquisite watch has a black sapphire dial and sports the Harry Winston logo in sandblasted emerald. The back of the watch is sapphire crystal.


Histoire de Tourbillon 6

Harry Winston
Harry Winston’s Histoire de Tourbillon 6 is unique, exquisite, and difficult to find.

Photo Credit: Harry Winston

One of the more unusual-looking watches you’ll ever see is the Histoire de Tourbillon 6. While all of Harry Winston’s watches are limited edition pieces, this one is particularly hard to find as only 20 of them were ever made.

It belongs to the brand’s High Complications collection, and Harry Winston describes it as a “genuine first in the history of horology.” The watch features two separate hour indicators, with one being regulated by a karussel and the other regulated by a tri-axial tourbillon. The case is white gold.

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