The Happiest of Hours: 5 Best Margaritas in Dallas

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Stampede 66's Modern Star Canyon Margarita
Stampede 66’s Modern Star Canyon Margarita

Photo Credit: Image by Kevin Marple Photography

Cinco de Mayo may be a Mexican holiday, but when it comes to celebrating the margarita, Dallas deserves the pinatas and mariachis. Lore has it that the woman who invented the margarita was Margarita Sames, a wealthy Dallas socialite who claimed she made the drink for friends while vacationing at her home in Acapulco in 1948. And the frozen margarita machine—that adult-strength slush machine that has made hosting your own fiesta muy facil—was invented by Dallas restaurateur Mariano Martinez.

To celebrate the cocktail, here’s where to find Dallas’ five best margaritas.


1 Stampede 66

Stampede 66 shares chef Stephan Pyles’ inventive take on modern Texas cuisine. Their signature margarita is a lone star-state treat. Served tableside, the Modern Star Canyon Margarita is as beguiling to look at as it is to drink. It’s made with prickly pear, lime and candied jalapeno. But the topper—liquid nitrogen—is the showstopper here, making it look as though you will be sipping through a cloud. (But don’t worry, the icy cold fog will lift before you take a drink.) 
1717 McKinney Ave., Dallas, (214) 550-6966

2 Meso Maya

Image via Meso Maya
Ok, sure. Why shouldn’t you combine avocado with tequila? As the saying goes, if it grows together, it goes together. Hence the Avocado Margarita, featuring fresh muddled avocados that make the premium silver tequila go down nice and smooth. Besos to you, Meso, for creating this green margarita masterpiece.
Downtown: 1611 McKinney Ave., Dallas; Preston Forest: 11909 Preston Road, Dallas; both: 214-336-2775

3 Mi Cocina

Dallas has no shortage of Tex-Mex restaurants, but few are as beloved to Dallasites as Mi Cocina. Their Mambo Taxi margarita is a swirled blend of frozen margarita and sangria, and it’s legendary in these parts. Not to mention strong: One Mambo Taxi and you’ll be calling a cab for a ride home.
77 Highland Park Village, Dallas, 214-521-6426

4 Javier's

Image via Javier's
Javier’s can be perplexing for the newbie expecting the standard enchiladas-and-queso menu. The food is upscale Mexico City cuisine, not the Tex-Mex many people in these parts expect. (The Filete Azteca, tenderloin tips in a savory sauce, is phenomenal.) But don’t worry: the margarita here is a classic. The restaurant is only open for dinner.
4912 Cole Avenue, Dallas, 214-521-4211

5 Komali

Like it spicy? The Habanero Margarita is as hot as Texas asphalt in August. Made with silver tequila, orange liqueur, habanero syrup and fresh lime, the drink is all bite, no bark. Enjoy it at the contemporary restaurant’s communal table.
4152 Cole Ave., Dallas
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