Luxe Brands Offering Shoppers Amazing Perks In VIP Salons

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Burberry Rodeo Drive Location
Burberry Rodeo Drive Location

Today, more than ever, it is essential for brands to provide an ultra-lux experience for its customers. High-end fashion houses like Louis Vuitton, Burberry and Christian Dior all are going the extra mile to improve the shopping experience with VIP luxury salons.

What now has become a national and international trend, mobile salons is a dedicated space for the crème de la crème to go and do private shopping without having to mix with commoners. The suites are adorned with over-the-top furnishings; access is usually restricted by design with a hidden private entrance. In addition, this dedicated, private space is stocked with best champagne luxury brands have to offer.

Burberry, in particular, debuted its VIP suite christened “Burberry Penthouse” last November. Located at the newly opened Rodeo Drive store, the penthouse is situated at the top floor of the store. It has its own direct entrance as well as a garden rooftop terrace. As stated in a press release, “[the suite] has been designed to offer the ultimate personalized and intimate shopping experience for Burberry customers.”

Interior of Burberry Penthouse Suit
Interior of Burberry Penthouse Suit
Exterior of the Rooftop Private Suite
Exterior of the Rooftop Private Suite

It features a fitting room, serviced pantry, bathroom and dressing room. The room is equipped with a controllable digital screen and music. It was also designed at an event space offering a 360-degree scenic view of one of the most expensive zip codes in America.

The Very Important Clientele have the option of employing a personal shopper who will execute his or her every needs from booking appointments to selecting garments. If the client does not have a personal shopper, the high-end fashion brands have an in-store personnel to assist the individual.

The French fashion house Christian Dior was one of the first high-end brands to debut a VIP salon on Rodeo Drive. Designed by architect Peter Marino, the private dwellings features two inner dressing chambers, a larger styling area and its own foyer that opens onto a third living-room area with couches and tables. According to the Wall Street Journal, it may possible be the most private salon in Beverley Hills.

The VIP salons can be considered another layer of the cake for high-end fashion brands to lure customers. Making customers feel special is an essential aspect in today’s market as more and more consumers exhibit less brand loyalty.

Entrance to these swanky suits is based on private invite from the label.

(Photos via Burberry)

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