The Top 5 Non-Breakfast Egg Dishes in SF

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Stone’s Throw’s puffed potato and egg is to die for.
Stones Throws puffed potato and egg is to die for.

Photo Credit: Stones Throw

With Easter coming up this weekend, it’s an excellent time to highlight the humble, yet powerful egg. It’s a simple ingredient, that when handled with the utmost care, can be transformed into spectacular deliciousness. When one thinks of eggs, the first thing that generally comes to mind is breakfast. While San Francisco has no shortage of stellar breakfast spots — we love Zazie‘s eggs Benedicts, any egg dish at Foreign Cinema, Atlas Cafe’s scrambled eggs, and Gamine’s eggs en cocotte, to name a few — there are also plenty of places that make interesting egg dishes that are served later in the day. Here, we round up our favorite egg dishes that are best paired with a martini rather than a mimosa.

1 Park Tavern’s Deviled Eggs

Park Tavern
Hand’s down, no questions asked: the best deviled eggs in San Francisco are found at Washington Square Park’s Park Tavern. The upscale American bistro, that made waves when it was opened by the Big Night Restaurant Group in 2011, serves up an incredibly creamy deviled egg. A house specialty crafted by chef Jennifer Puccio, the eggs are slightly smoked and topped with bacon, pickled jalapeños, and chives. The bacon is super crisp and adds a nice textural contrast to the smoothness of the scrumptious yellow filling.
1652 Stockton Street San Francisco, CA 94133

2 Il Cane Rosso’s Warm Egg Salad

Flickr User Foodhoe
When people first started talking about Il Cane Rosso’s Petaluma Farms warm egg salad sandwich, we were a little skeptical, especially considering most of the egg salad sandwiches we are familiar with are served chilled. However, the Ferry Building standby is mind-blowingly good. The sandwich is served open faced with the bread toasted, the aged provolone cheese melted, and the anchovy butter spread on thick. Everything comes together to become one of the most memorable egg salads you’ll ever taste.
One Ferry Building #41 San Francisco, CA 94111.

3 Cotogna’s Raviolo Di Ricotta With Farm Egg

Eric Wolfinger
What’s not to love about a pillowy cloud of homemade pasta surrounding melt-in-your-mouth fresh ricotta with an oozing soft cooked egg at the center of everything? This is one of Cotogna’s most beloved dishes and for good reason. The pasta is soft, but al dente, the ricotta mild, but flavorful, and the egg yolk a deep golden yellow. The oversized ravioli is bathed in a rich, but light brown butter sauce. We love a glass of brut rose with this delectable appetizer.
490 Pacific Avenue San Francisco, CA 94133

4 Stones Throws Puffed Potato & Egg

Stone's Throw
If your after oozing egg yolk goodness, you can’t beat Stone’s Throw’s puffed potato and egg dish with cauliflower mousse, chives, and crispy chicken skin. The creamy and light mouse and crunchy chicken skin garnish make this dish decidedly fancy and chef-driven. However, once you bite into the fried potato croquette and the rich yolk fills your mouth, you realize it’s actually a comforting and nostalgic bite that is purely delectable.
1896 Hyde Street San Francisco, CA 94109

5 The Cavalier’s Hen Egg Hollandaise

At the British-inspired Cavalier, the dinner menu has a small section entitled Eggs and Cheese. The first item underneath this subtitle is a must order: the hen egg hollandaise with ham and cheese soldiers. The velvety pale yellow hollandaise is served in a delicate egg shell and the lucky diner gets to scoop up the buttery luxurious sauce with the crispy fingers of toast. Delish!
360 Jessie Street San Francisco, CA 94103
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