The Heather on Earth Music Foundation Holds Event to Bring Music to Children in Need

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Sunrise Day Camp, HOE will be opening a music pavillion here this summer
Sunrise Day Camp, HOE will be opening a music pavillion here this summer

The Heather on Earth Music Foundation is a non-profit organization established in memory of Heather Samone Fessler who passed away in 1985. The organization recognizes the monumental importance and healing ability of music in children’s lives and seeks to improve music programs at children’s hospitals nationwide. It is the first organization of its kind and hopes for music to bring calm, clarity and happiness to sick children that want to heal. By providing the children with music, they provide the children with joy.

Keep that in mind when deciding on whether or not you should attend Heather on Earth’s next event, “All You Need is Love and Music”, taking place at Gansevoort Park Ave. Hotel PH1 on Fenruary 11. The events consists of a cocktail party and an open bar. Live music is provided by Jonny Famous. If the $195 ticket seems a little steep, just know that your money is going to developing some wonderful programs that benefit children. One of these programs is a music pavillion at the Sunrise Day Camp in Long Island, New York that will be fully functional as of summer 2015.

Music is infinitely important in all of our lives, and we should all do our best to make sure that it enriches the lives of children that need it. Heather on Earth at the very least works towards putting smiles on the faces of some children in need.

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