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From the reign of Tartine in the Mission District to the freshly opened Le Marais on Chestnut, San Franciscans have witnessed the birth of many high-end bakeries from star pastry chefs and studious bread makers. Here we share our favorite spots and what to order at each one.

1 B. Patisserie

With it's bright yellow chairs, clean glass display case, dainty pastries, and welcoming aromas, there's a sutble underlying feminism to B. Patisserie, the bakery and brainchild of Belinda Leong. Tight, low bouquets sit on each of the marble tabletops and the kitchen is clearly visible to the diner. Leong is a master of French pastry and her signature treat is the much sought after kouign amann, a flaky sugary croissant like confection. However, don't overlook her savory options: the Flammenkuche tartine, with caramelized onions, fromage blanc, gruyere cheese, and lardons is an unparalleled take on the rustic alpine dish. Photo Credit: bpatisserie instragram
2821 California Street San Francisco, CA 94115

2 Le Marais

Walk into Le Marais and you'll feel as if you've been transported to France. This authentic bakery is small with only a few crowded tables and a tight counter filled with fresh-baked baguettes, delicate pastries, and fat cookies. Order an expertly prepared cup of coffee and whatever is piping hot from the oven. If you're lucky, it will be their superb take on the ham and cheese croissant — a square-shaped treat with a creamy ricotta filling, studs of chunky ham pieces, and layer upon layer of melt in your mouth pastry. Next door the owners, Patrick Ascaso and Joanna Pulcini, have just opened a traditional style bistro with plenty of French favorites. Photo Credit: Alanna Hale
2066 Chestnut Street San Francisco, CA 94123

3 Craftsman and Wolves

If Picasso were reborn as a modern day pastry chef, he would be William Werner, the mastermind behind the contemporary and minimalist bakery Craftsman and Wolves. Located on the increasing gentrified Valencia Street, Craftsman and Wolves specializes in making art-like pastries and reimagined classics. Instead of a ham and cheese croissant, they offer a Cubano pop tart, a riff on the Cubano sandwich in between buttery flaky sheets of pastry. Werner's signature dish is not to be missed. The Rebel Within is a savory muffin that combines asiago cheese with plump sausage and green onions. In the center of the muffin, like a golden ticket in a Willy Wonka chocolate bar, is a soft cooked farm egg that oozes when broken into. Photo Credit: William Werner
746 Valencia Street San Francisco, CA 94110

4 Tartine

The mother of all San Francisco bakeries, that still has people lining up around the block twelve years after it opened, is Tartine. The award-winning pastry chefs behind Tartine are a husband and wife duo, Elisabeth Prueitt and Chad Robertson. Tourists wait patiently for the gem-like pastries, but savvy local foodies know that Tartine is all about the sourdough bread. Order a loaf of the life-changing bread in advance, then cruise to Tartine after 4:30 pm to pick up your prize. Photo Credit: Tartine Bakery & Cafe
600 Guerrero Street San Francisco, CA 94110

5 The Mill

Over on Divisadero Street, toast is having a moment at Josey Baker's The Mill. Not just any kind of toast, but the best toast you've ever tasted. We're talking inch-thick slices of crusty, perfectly crisped house made bread slathered with rich toppings like butter and honey. The space is stark with high ceilings and it's the perfect spot for a solo working breakfast. Pull up a chair, grab a glass of Four Barrel coffee and order the country toast with housemade butter and seasonal jam. Photo Credit: The Mill
736 Divisadero Street San Francisco CA, 94117
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