JN LLOVET Debuts Stateside at Casa Tua

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Pablo Delgado, Jilian Sanz, Andreina Cisneros Behne, Ani Sierra, Carola Baleztena, & Marin Kim
Pablo Delgado, Jilian Sanz, Andreina Cisneros Behne, Ani Sierra, Carola Baleztena, & Marin Kim

Top fashion houses host private events in Miami all the time. What you don’t see as often is an established European brand with little stateside recognition use Miami as the entry point into the US market. JN LLOVET, the German leather goods house based out of Hamberg is currently going on a city tour as curated by branding agency, JACS Group, that will take them to core markets across the country ensuring the right kind of “off-the-bat” attention for the brand before embarking on their retail expansion journey.

So why Miami? According to JACS Group founders Andreina Cisneros and Jilian Sanz, “it’s the perfect place to tap in to the kind of audience who works and plays internationally; it’s rapid fire word of mouth of the best kind.” And since the intention was to reach internationals as well as Miami’s top scenesters, there was no more obvious choice for a venue than Miami Beach’s private members’ club, Casa Tua.

With the brand’s designer, Jacqueline Llovet Garcia, on hand, the afternoon was an interactive experience where consumers were able to design their own jackets as well as purchase off-the-rack pieces from the label’s current collection. For those who were only looking to dip a toe into the JN LLOVET pool, clutches and iPad covers were amongst the less expensive offerings. A percentage of all proceeds were donated to Miami-based charity, Style Saves, which focuses on raising funds to provide underprivileged children with back to school clothing and supplies to ensure a comfortable environment, conducive to learning.

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