The Best Hair Salons in Las Vegas

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Color Salon

In Vegas, you can live the life of a celebrity without the entourage or the fame. And your first step toward looking like a celeb is to go to the same salons that cater to this high-end clientele. The era of the Vegas mega-spa, one of the largest moneymakers for the casinos on the Strip, ushered in bigger and better stylists who already styled the coifs of red carpet starlets. Here’s a look at the top five hair salons in Las Vegas.

1 Color — A Salon by Michael Boychuck

Michael Boychuck dominates the salon scene in Las Vegas with Color — a Salon by Michael Boychuck at Caesars Palace. He lives here. He works in the salons. And he does some magnificent color. Whether you’re going blond or brunette, his mixtures seem to be richer and more vibrant than any other. He calls Paris Hilton a personal friend and celebs like Mandy Moore and Jennie Garth his regulars. Color may represent the end of an era in Vegas, at least for the next couple years. Caesars Palace spent $5 million on the salon, and interior designer Faye Resnick decorated the room in white and alabaster with touches of silver and vintage Fendi fixtures and crystal chandeliers throughout. The lack of color is just a reminder of the color treatment you’re about to receive.
Caesars Palace

2 Cristophe Salon

Remember when President Bill Clinton had his hair cut on Air Force One and delayed traffic at LAX while he was getting his $200 trim? Cristophe was cutting his hair. The celebrity stylist based out of Beverly Hills opened his Las Vegas salon in 2004 at MGM Grand. His roster of clients includes Liv Tyler, Mariah Carey, Pamela Anderson and Senator Hillary Clinton. Cristophe Salon, tucked away in the back of the cavernous MGM Grand, overlooks the resort’s Grand Pool area. The salon sports clean lines and minimalist décor reminiscent of the 1960s pop era. Cristophe stops in about once a month, and expect to pay around $500 for a cut from him.
MGM Grand

3 Kim Vō Salon

Call him the king of TV makeovers in the Las Vegas salon scene. Kim Vō was a head judge on Bravo’s “Shear Genius,” worked with the experts on ABC’s “Extreme Makeover” and makes regular appearances on E! Entertainment’s “The Daily 10” as a guest beauty expert. Kim Vō counts Kate Hudson, Goldie Hawn, Sylvester Stallone and Jenny McCarthy among his clients. Within this sleek salon at the Mirage you can’t miss the Beauty Bar, where wigs show off the latest hairstyles and hair extensions flow. Vō believes that moisture is the treatment hair needs most, so he offers Hairtinis, moisturizing concoctions with alcohol-laden names that leave your hair silky and nourished.

4 The Salon at Encore

Here, it’s all about a world completely away from the slot machines and table games below. The Salon at Encore has a small staff of 10 stylists and four colorists in this salon designed by Todd-Avery Lenahan. The Salon uses Kerastase and Shu Uemura hair products, among others. Aside from the usual allotment of treatments, you can try the Shu Uemura Hair Ceremonies, hair care treatments made in the salon to nourish your locks, and Mauricio Ribeiro’s Brazilian Blowout, a 90-minute service that removes all the frizz from your hair.
Encore Las Vegas

5 Square Salon

Las Vegas locals swear by the hair stylists at Square Salon. The 30 chairs at the contemporary salon diagonal from Boca Park has been a mainstay in Las Vegas for 17 years, just moving to this larger space with an open ceiling and an edgy feel in October 2010. At the back, three rooms handle facials and other spa treatments while a bank of six manicure stations and two pedicure chairs bubble with activity.
1225 S. Fort Apache Rd.
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