Sunday Reads: Daniel Novela’s Sartorial Journey Part 4

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 The Time Machine
The Time Machine

Corto Moltedo
My last night in Florence was about relaxing and winding down, so my wife and I decided on a low-key dinner with our friend Gabriele Corto at his Florence penthouse, which has amazing views of the Duomo and Palazzo Vecchio. Corto is the founder of the Italian handbag brand Corto Moltedo, and though he would never mention it, heir to the founders of Bottega Veneta. I originally met Corto in Miami  a couple of years ago, so it was nice to catch up in his hometown after Pitti Uomo. Corto is a good arbiter of what’s going on in the fashion world, and my wife is one of the many women who adore his handbags. Corto also subscribes to a 100% “Made in Italy” ethos, and makes all of his handbags at his atelier in Florence.

Corto believes that although Italy is experiencing a time of profound change, its excellence in design and craftsmanship will remain strong. He established himself in Florence as a way to continue a family tradition, a second generation dedicated to making handbags of the highest quality. In Corto’s words, “Quality comes from the passion someone puts into it.”Corto’s passion is evident in his recent collaboration with the Bamford Watch Department, as part of a collection of special edition Rolex Submariner models. Corto also created The Time Machine, a limited edition handbag that features a vintage Rolex pocket watch customized by the Bamford Watch Department with its proprietary PVD process. I wonder when we can expect a men’s versión! The next morning I was off to Ibiza for some much needed rest. Though it was the end of my first chapter, my sartorial journey had just begun.

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View of the Duomo from Palazzo Vecchio
View of the Duomo from Palazzo Vecchio
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