Lytro and Chromat Go Hand in Hand to this Year’s NYFW

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Lytro Illum, image via
Lytro Illum, image via

September’s New York Fashion Week will be featuring a collaboration between high-end camera manufacturer Lytro and New York City fashion label Chromat. As part of what is being labeled as an unprecedented visual experience, Lytro will create an exclusive look-book package for Chromat’s designer-photographer team.

As the professional camera partner of MADE, a global media company specializing in the juncture among fashion, music, art and youth culture, Lytro will be introducing its cutting-edge Light Field Photography to New York Fashion Week through its partnership with Chromat, who will be using Lytro’s groundbreaking LYTRO ILLUM camera as they shoot their collection in September. New York City based fashion photographer Christine Hahn will spearhead the project as the artistic-minded designer and the high-tech camera manufacturer come together to create an original look-book that is guaranteed to display the best of both clients at the upcoming New York Fashion Week.

Vice President of marketing at Lytro Azmat Ali has high hopes for the collaboration, as he recently told, “We are excited to capture fashion photography in a different light at this premier event. With its emphasis on design and presentation, fashion is the perfect industry to take advantage of the rich interactive photographic experience made possible by LYTRO ILLUM. We look forward to seeing the innovative and creative uses of our technology by these leading artists and collaborating with MADE to usher in this new era of fashion photography.”

So what makes the LYTRO ILLUM so special for this collaboration? The revolutionary camera captures the color, intensity and direction of every ray of light flowing into the camera, creating a great amount of visual information. Photographers can then use this information to recreate the photos as they please, providing an immersive artistic experience to the person behind the camera. Once the images have been captured, Lytro’s software platform allows the photographer to adjust aspects of the images that were previously unalterable, including the focus, tilt, perspective shift and depth of the field. This all means that fashion photography could be headed in a new direction altogether depending on the success of the collaboration.

Chromat Bouloux Bikini Top, image via
Chromat Bouloux Bikini Top, image via

Though the stakes are high at New York Fashion Week, the people behind the collaboration look forward to the opportunity and the possibilities. Mazdack Rassi, co-founder of MADE Fashion Week, recently told “Each fashion week, MADE seeks out visionary brand partners, like Lytro, who develop incredible new technology that can push the fashion industry further in new directions. Great photography is one of the tenets of the shows, and we are thrilled Lytro is making this futuristic technology more accessible to our creative culture.”

Keep your eyes peeled, as the collaboration bodes well for the future of fashion show photography.

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