Michael Dreiling Vivianne Westwood Hat

Michael Paul Dreiling, who works under the name Nostradamus of Trend, has been a Miami trendsetter and social fixture for many years. Just check out his “1982 Worlds End Mountain Hat” by Vivienne Westwood that he procured at Ms. Westood’s London boutique in 1997, years before Mr. Williams made appearances looking like Smokey the Bear.

The Philadelphia native loves Miami’s nightlife, collecting art, and living the “haute” lifestyle between Miami and St. Tropez. If there’s ever a question on what to do for fun, or what new restaurants to try in Miami, he would know best, as he has experienced life in the magical city for 31 years and enjoyed every minute of it.


Where were you born ?
I was born in Philadelphia, however in 1976, I read in the Social Column of the Philadelphia Inquirer Bicentennial issue "In a city of many pigeons, Michael Paul Dreiling Soars as an Eagle." That was enough, I spread my wings and flew south. First to the South of France to check it out. There I learned the difference between being "in style" and being "in fashion." I befriended Karl Lagerfeld in Monaco, partied with Federico Fellini on the Saint Tropez beaches.
How long in Miami:
33 years
In Miami Beach, I live in an amazing Deco 1948 Norman Giller House. In St. Tropez, I have an apartment on the port.
Being The Nostradamus of Trend (TM), I have mixed interest "currently" to buy Miami real estate and I am an avid pop art collector, which I'm very passionate about.
Who do you think is the most notable person in Miami?
Brother Grutman is my "Trend Choice."
Favorite Restaurant:
I eat at 4 places: Prime 112, Joe's Stone Crab, Hakkasan and Cipriani.
Best place for a power business meeting:
Where my friends are. My social life revolves around some very special friends. All of whom have the makings to be legends.
All-around favorite spot in Miami:
My comfort zone in Miami night life is @ LIV or Story.
Favorite shopping venue/boutique:
I go everywhere and I am thrilled to have the uncanny ability to spot trends, both social and fashion. That's why I write under the name, "Nostradamus of Trend TM."
Best place to buy Jewelry/Watches:
I wear a Techno Marine "Super Hero" edition "Hulk watch" just because its fun and actually tells time. I also lean towards Richard Mille Tourbillion and vintage Rolexes as well.
How long have you been working this in this market?
My love for the uniqueness and my quest to have little in common with the common, led me to Miami Beach in the 80s. It felt like St Tropez in its infancy.
What are the best luxury shopping venues in your city?
I go everywhere all around the world. Next time you see an aged rock star type, walking down the street in Paris , London, New York, Rome or Miami and wearing tight black jeans, a vintage 70s t-shirt, and black leather, grey or natural Rabbit shorts over the tight black Jeans, there is a 99% chance it will be me.
Describe your city in three words:
St Tropez and Miami are occasionally referred to as "Sister Cities." I easily adapt between them.
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