The Top 5 Places for Hamburgers in Dubai

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For a city with countless culinary possibilities, finding a good hamburger in Dubai is not a problem. With burger joints springing up all over the city, this classic American meal has recently become one of the Dubai’s most popular fast foods. But don’t just go out and scavenge on your own, try one of the following Top 5 hamburgers in Dubai.

1 Shake Shack

This popular New York franchise is satisfying the Dubai appetite for grilled foods. The modern-day answer to the traditional burger stand, Shake Shack's first venture outside of the USA wound up at the Mall of the Emirates. Always spotted with a long line of eager hamburger eaters, these are big juicy burgers with an abundance of filling.
Mall of the Emirates Tel: +971 43475513

2 Johnny Rockets

A long time Dubai favorite, Johnny Rockets is a diner-like 1950s style eatery which serves thick smokey patties coupled with melted cheese and fresh toppings. Enjoy a friendly and casual atmosphere and don't forget to order crispy onion rings with your burger.
Mall of the Emirates Tel: +971 43447859

3 Gourmet Burger Kitchen

This popular burger joint in DIFC serves burgers which are impressive in size and ingredients. These yummy patties come inside a sourdough bread bun which you might want to grasp hold of in order for the burger to stay intact as it enters your mouth. Try the Cajun Burger which comes chili mayo and the Blue Cheese Burger. For side dishes, order deep-fried portobello mushrooms with a dash of pesto and, of course, the warm and crispy fries.
DIFC Tel: +971 44250187

4 More Cafe

Another Dubai favorite, More cafe is a family-style artsy cafe which offers a lovely burger served with three-tiers of delicious accompaniments including mango chutney, fried onions, whole grain mustard, ketchup and mayonnaise. A soft crispy bun stamped with the More cafe logo keeps the yummy insides intact.
Mall of the Emirates Tel: +971 43950967

5 The Exchange Grill

If you're desiring a classy atmosphere in which to eater you burger head to the Exchange Grill at the Fairmont Hotel. This delicious hamburger is elegantly displayed with buns which appear are akin to a delicate brioche. The patties come with generous portions of melted cheese and truffle fries on the side- a heavenly.
The Fairmont Hotel Tel: +971 43118316
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