Luxury Attaché’s Top Five Spicy Tuna Rolls

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Luxury Attaché chimes in with a selection of NYC’s top spicy tuna rolls. Chopsticks, optional.

1 Sushi Nakazawa

“Always pass on what you have learned," said Master Yoda. Luke had Yoda. Daniel had Miyagi. Nakazawa had Jiro. While Sushi Nakazawa (New York’s sixth restaurant to be inducted into the four-star hall of fame) might not be known for a spicy tuna roll; the mere presence of a similar roll on Nakazawa's tasting menu is worth the mention. Jiro Ono’s (Jiro Dreams of Sushi) world-famous apprentice, Daisuke Nakazawa makes a Tuna Hand Roll that's perfect parts nori, rice and toro. Ask any Attaché; an evening at the 10-seat bar at Sushi Nakazawa is utterly inimitable. Tasting menu only.
23 Commerce Street New York, New York 10014

2 Neta

This buzzy hot-spot brings warm service to its cool flavors. Meaning "fresh ingredients," Neta values a unique dining experience set apart from others of its kind. Their spicy tuna roll is just one of those menu-staples you'd feel guilty passing up.
61 West Eighth Street New York, NY 10011

3 Nobu

Two words. Crispy Rice. Nobu may have the best black cod in town, but when it comes to spicy tuna, Chef Matsuhisa takes the cake. Case in point? The freshest of Bigeye Tuna is mixed with spicy mayo and scallions and offered with chilled, crispy sushi rice that’s flash-fried, just right. Add as much or as little spicy tuna to the cube of chewy rice, dunk in soy and enjoy.
Several NYC Locations

4 Brushstroke

David Bouley's high-end Japanese establishment Brushstroke, an angular ground-floor space on Hudson Street, took Tribeca by storm. Rooted in tradition with a modern edge, Brushstroke's incomparable Omakase menu features a spicy tuna roll that's simply to die for.
30 Hudson Street New York, NY 10013

5 Sushi of Gari

For a more traditional style roll, check out Sushi of Gari. This notable Japanese restaurant is both authentic and elegant. The spicy tuna roll is everything you'd expect from a classic roll, yet kicked up a notch with the incomparably fresh taste.
Several NYC Locations
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