Haute 5 Places for Spicy Tuna Rolls in San Francisco

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1 Umami

Dark wooden interiors, a happening bar and a prime location in Marina make this new comer one of the hottest spots in San Francisco. Everyone adores their innovative maki but we found their ahi spicy tuna rolls spot on. Perfectly textured rice with just the right combination of spicy sauce and fresh tuna, this spicy roll tops our list because it's also available for about half the price during Sumo hour
2909 Webster St (415) 346-3431 http://www.umamisf.com

2 Ozumo

A classic SF sushi place that has breath-taking views of the Bay, we love Ozumo for its 30 person sushi-bar, blonde woods and perfectly appointed private dining rooms for large 10+ ppl parties. Knowing the GM or chef certainly helps one procur the very special unwritten fish list, but we're more than happy to just live off their Spicy tuna rolls here that everyone can have. Not too spicy, creamy and effervescently fresh, we keep coming back for them over and over again.
161 Steuart St (415) 882-1333 http://www.ozumosanfrancisco.com/

3 Sushi Ran

While it's a 20 minute ferry ride or drive out to Sausalito, it's worth the trip out of the city to have what is the most delicious, authentic yet innovative sushi around. The spicy tuna uses chunks of tuna to really highlight the freshness of the fish and their rice is perfectly seasoned. They finally got valet available on the weekends but if you don't want to deal with the crowds, we suggest going during their lunchtime.
107 Caledonia St Sausalito, CA 94965 (415) 332-3620 www.sushiran.com

4 Ichi Sushi

Everyone has been raving about Ichi since it opened in 2010 about how thoughtful everything is - from the freshly ingredients to the hand-made decor. Since this is a classic preparation kind of place, they actually do not have a spicy tuna on the menu. They have a spicy yellowtail which we think is so great that it put Ichi on the map for us. They're planning to expand to 3282 Mission as well and turn the original into an omakase place so keep your eyes out!
3369 Mission St (415) 525-4750 http://www.ichisushi.com

5 Akiko's

Tucked away between Union Square and the Chinatown gate is the gem called Akiko's. Small and intimate, this place is perfect for a first date. Their spicy tuna features cooling scallion and cucumber to match their spicy sauce, which is just the right amount of heat.
431 Bush St (415) 397-3218 http://www.akikosrestaurant.com
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