Alex Cohen is a Miami based entrepreneur. Real Estate, Venture Capital, and trading futures and equities are what keep him busy. Much of his free time is given to the arts by serving on the Executive Committee for NWS, the Steering Committee for PAMM, and MOCA’s Leadership Circle. He is also Co-Founder of recently launched INFRACULTURE, a cultural event listing site that serves as a one-stop shop for those seeking to explore the flourishing creative side of Miami. Created with Co-Founders Ashley Melisse Abess and Derek Love, INFRACULTURE launched with 23 “founding member” institutions and is welcoming applications for their next group of member organizations

Where were you born ?
How long in Miami:
I have spent half my life here. The rest was 6 years in the North East for boarding school and university, 3 years in LA, and 5 Years in NYC.
Downtown Miami, right in front of AA Arena
Investor/Entrepreneur, Specialize in distressed real estate acquisitions. Futures and Equities trader. Seed stage venture capital investing. Recently, I launched INFRACULTURE, the premier calendar of cultural events in Miami, with my co-founders Ashley Melisse Abess and Derek Love.
Favorite Restaurant:
Cafe Abracci... I have been going there just about my whole life and never a bad meal.
Best Sushi:
Zuma. I love Asian food for breakfast and they have a great brunch buffet on Saturday and Sunday.
Best place for a power business meeting:
The Capital Grill for a formal meeting. Rosinella, for a laid back meeting. They both have excellent service.
All-around favorite spot in Miami:
Soho Beach House. If you want a crowd and a scene, you can find it. If you want to just get away from it all, there are plenty of little nooks that are quiet and provide superb views.
If you have out of town guests, which hotel would you recommend?
Soho Beach House in South Beach. They have everything you’d ever want and you’ll never want to leave.
Best place to buy Jewelry/Watches:
I buy watches from Matthew Bain, Inc here in Miami. He is a vintage watch collector and dealer. I trust him and his team and they can always find what I am looking for
Best Steakhouse:
I have not found a place the beats my mom's steak, actually.
In your opinion, what are the best, most exclusive neighborhoods in your market?
Key Biscayne. It is like getting transported into paradise. The drive there is spectacular and once you hit the village your blood pressure drops. Not to mention all the amazing homes and lush surroundings.
What makes your city unique?
It is home to a fusion of many cultures. Our city is at a very interesting point in its growth. New industries are coming, the city is diversifying, and a new generation of both residents and visitors is demanding dynamic, content-based social experiences. This makes it a very exciting time and the main reason we launched INFRACULTURE.
If money was no concern, what is your favorite property for sale today?
I’d pull a Richard Branson and buy my own Island but one that is not too far away so I can still have my friends over. Or maybe a villa in the Greek Islands.
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