Take a Deep Breath and Exhale, at the Exhale Spa at the Epic

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So many of my friends live in the glam  Epic building located in Downtown Miami, and I have frequented Zuma since it opened. However, I did not know about the Exhale Spa, a very secret gem, until my aesthetician Shareese Logan started working there and insisted I come in to get her power facial. I figured I would kill two birds with one stone, so I booked a massage as well. Let me preface this by explaining to you, nothing bothers me worse than pants that are hemmed too short or a soft massage. I found my heaven at Exhale.


Haute Living publisher Sarah Mirmelli and I needed some R&R so we decided to go with a couples massage. Hot right! Yes it was because the beds were even heated. When I lived in Beirut, Lebanon, I would always go for Thai Massages, where the little lady would stretch me and massage me for a few hours a week. What I found at the Epic’s Exhale Spa was the closest thing to the moment of living in Beirut….that was when I was retired in my twenties.

Massage Therapist’s Melissa Pacheco (L) and Jose Sarazen (R).

My therapist’s name was Melissa and her hands equal heaven. Sarah’s therapists name was Jose and I can tell by her smile and energy after the hour long massage, that he was exactly what she needed. Beyond professional, I cant recommend another local spa that has ever given me a better massage in Miami.

Sarah and I, Pre-Massage.

The Fusion Massage for two: $270.


Post massage, I decided to indulge and lie on another warm bed in a different room at Exhale. This time it was not for a stretch and deep rub, but to clean my nearly perfect pores. I have been a dedicated customer of Shareese Logan for five years. Shareese was introduced to me by my mother Dale and I am addicted to her and her facials. She keeps me looking twenty three. So, for another sixty minutes I had my face steamed, extracted, exfoliated and treated with a laser. Another pet peeve of mine would be receiving a facial sans extractions, so now that I feel anew, I thought I would also let you know that Shareese is the facialist of various Miami Heat Players, celebrities and Shakira to be specific.

The Power Facial: $245.

Also, note to self: Exhale Spa also has a superb boutique filled with LuluLemon, Fila and beyond.

The Amazing Bright Collection of Lulu Lemon, Available at Exhale.
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