Miami’s Version of Donna Karan: Meet Gabriella Zamora

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Gabriella Holding Two of Her Designs. The Blue Top On The Left Was Custom Dyed For a Client, But All Garments Come in White.

If you are a Donna Karan fan, you may know about her line called Urban Zen, or maybe you don’t? Very exclusive and under the radar, each piece is forever in its simplicity.


Just last week, I accidentally found Miami’s version of Donna, in her very own urban den. Her name is Gabriella Zamora, and this 31-year old Mexican designer is based in the heart of South Beach. Gabriella rented a small space, a tiny haven behind my favorite juice bar called the Mango Tree (which if you haven’t been, I highly recommend an immediate visit). “I ended up in this studio because I was a client at the Mango Tree, and Patricia the owner told me about a space in the back of the juice bar where I would be able to show my line. Previously, I was doing it at home and that wasn’t working. That was just six months ago.”


In Mexico City, Zamora studied fashion design at Casa de Francia, but was a drop out. She wasn’t into learning the classic way; in fact, she was bored. Gabriella relocated to Miami four years ago, telling me “ I had family here, and needed a new scene, a new city.”


Meet Golondrina, the brand that launched in 2011. But what is Golondrina? “It is a bird, a swallow, it was my nickname as a kid.” The first line Gabriella created was in Mexico, where the exclusive collection is manufactured. The material used to create every garment is called Manta, a gauze-esque white thick cotton. “I found a woman who would make the dresses just how I like, so I go to Mexico, I get inspired. I go once every four months. I draw out my ideas and designs, we talk length’s, sizes, and she draws the patterns for me.” But what makes this cotton different is “the more you use it and wash it is the better it gets. It ages well. It is easy, and you can dry it too. You can bleach them, it won’t fall apart. “


Is each item limited? Yes! Haute Living loves limited! Each item comes in one size and there are a maximum of ten items produced per style.  Perfect for the jet-set woman? Of course! “The ideal woman who wears my pieces is creative, bohemian, travels and artistic.” But where can it be found? “My pieces are sold at the Standard boutique but also can be bought directly here at my studio. If you want a specific color or a custom design, I can work with you. I can also hand dye it in any color.”


After purchasing seven items from the Golondrina Collection, I asked Gabriella a few quick questions so you can learn more about her.


E: If you could collaborate with a designer who would it be?


GZ: A Mexican designer named Carmen Rion and she is very cool, everything she does is very spontaneous, she just cuts right into the fabric.


E: In five years where do you see yourself?


GZ: (She squeels) ahhh, selling in a lot of boutiques. I’d love to have a boutique in Merida, Mexco, where I make the garments, and even in Tulum.


E: If someone was doing a wedding or had an event, could you customize a design for them?


GZ: Um, yes. I actually could. I once designed a wedding dress it was amazing.


E: Prices?


GZ: They retail from $180 to $220, and can be found at The Standard Hotel Boutique or you can come to my studio. I love to meet my customers.


The Standard Hotel

40 Island Avenue

Miami Beach, Fl. 33139

(305) 673-1717


The Mango Tree

714 6th Street (off of Euclid)

Miami Beach, Fl. 33139



The Mango Tree, Where Gabriella’s Studio Resides.



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