Top 5 Thai Restaurants in Chicago

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With all the Thai restaurants in Chicago, I had to pull out the big guns and refer to Zagat’s list. They listed the top places in the city according to their scoring system and came up with a great group of restaurants that would be hard to argue against.

Source: Zagat

1 Arun's

It’s been said before and it’s worth saying again, Arun’s is some of the finest Thai food you will ever have. Besides the cuisine, the elegant interior is amazing with cut and patterned panels of deep mahogany. It’s truly a classy place where the beautiful design is in perfect balance with the delicious food.
4156 North Kedzie Chicago, IL 60618 773-539-1909

2 TAC Quick

At TAC Quick you will find unique and tasty flavors in all of their dishes but there’s also a secret to their success. The secret is their secret menu that’s only secret in name because it’s posted right on their site. It may be a horrible secret, but it’s a great menu and definitely worth checking out.
3930 North Sheridan Road Chicago, IL 773-327-5253 www.tacquicknet

3 Thai Pastry

If you’re looking for purely authentic Thai cuisine, look no further than Thai Pastry. Don’t expect to be wowed by the restaurant when you pull up, but as some as you tasted the food and see how they expertly infuse spice into the dishes you will be hooked.
4925 North Broadway Chicago, IL 60640 773-784-5399

4 Opart Thai House

Opart Thai’s authentic cuisine is so good that it couldn’t be contained in just one location. With locations on Western Avenue and State Avenue, you have your choice of where to taste their famous Tiger Cry Appetizer. You have to try the skewered beef dish to see why it’s the go-to appetizer.
4658 North Western Avenue Chicago, IL 60625 773-989-8517

5 Indie Cafe

At Indie Café the food isn’t exactly 100% Thai, it’s actually “a dynamic combination of Savory Thai and simple Japanese cuisines presented with artistic elegance.” They take from these foundations and create food that is their own and it’s absolutely amazing.
5951 North Broadway Chicago, IL 60660 773-561-5111
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