Top 5 Desserts Aspen

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Everyone loves a gourmet dinner, but the last course is the true test. These dessert options in Aspen are creative, and justify topping the list of the best desserts in Aspen.

1 Creperie Du Village

The ultimate dessert can also be a meal at Creperie du Village. Inspired by the Alps, this cozy restaurant has more than 10 variations of crepes on its menu, from Nutella-filled to apricot confiture. If the sweet side of things doesn't satisfy the palate, there's an slew of savory options too. 970-925-1566 400 E. Hopkins Ave. Aspen, CO 81611

2 L'Hostaria

This Italian staple is known for its dessert options. If you hang out long enough, one may end up on your table. For a single, scrumptious dessert, order the Torta di Gelato al Pistacchio, pistachio gelato cake with sabayon sauce. It's light but satisfying and a true specialty. 620 East Hyman Avenue Aspen Colorado (970) 925-9022

3 Chefs Club

Desserts at the Chefs Club inside the St. Regis aren't just a treat, they're a form of art. Take Chef Matt Lightner's parsley root split, for example, which includes banana ice cream, lemon chiffon and marshmallow. As the chefs rotate for the summer, expect trend-setting ideas in the dessert department from some of the country's best new chefs. 315 E Dean St Aspen, CO 81611 (970) 920-3300

4 39 Degrees at Sky Hotel

Strawberries, cheesecake and lollipops are all delicious on their own--combining them makes dessert simply sinful. Coated in ground vanilla wafers, the cheesecake and strawberry compote is the quintessential patio treat on a warm spring or summer day. 709 E Durant Ave Aspen, CO 81611 (970) 925-6760

5 Paradise Bakery

During the summer months, the line is always out the door at this cookie and gelato shop. Even though it has locations in nine states, the desserts taste like they came out of grandma's kitchen. Try the black diamond cookie for a chocolate-y treat, or cold cappuccino chip ice cream which satisfies cravings and offers a caffeine buzz. 320 S Galena St Aspen, CO 81611 (970) 925-7585
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