Top 5 Places For Mac And Cheese in Chicago

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I’m going to be completely honest, I have never been a fan of the blue box. When I say blue box, I mean the stovetop macaroni and cheese. It was just so “artificial cheesy” and tasted terrible. I love baked macaroni and cheese, especially my moms. Basically I’m a mac and cheese snob, so I feel like this list is perfect for me. Here are five of the best places to get Macaroni and Cheese.

1 Table Fifty-Two

Table Fifty-Two is helmed by one of Chicago’s best and most beloved chef, Art Smith. I really shouldn’t need to say much more than that but if I have to then I will say that the macaroni and cheese at the restaurant is delicious. It’s a three-cheese mac that’s made with gruyere, cheddar mornay and topped with munster and more gruyere. It’s definitely some of the best mac and cheese you will ever have, right behind my mom’s of course.
52 West Elm Street Chicago, IL 312-573-4000

2 Kuma's Corner

As I’ve said in previous posts, Kuma’s corner is awesome, it’s just so awesome that it seems everyone wants to be there at the same time. If you can stomach the wait, your stomach will be rewarded with some outstanding mac and cheese. Build your own version with available additions like prosciutto, sun-dried tomatoes, sweet corn and more.
2900 West Belmont Chicago, IL 60618 773-604-8769

3 Rockit Bar And Grill

I hate to sound corny but Rockit is like an actual rock star, the brand as a whole has become synonymous with partying and great food. It’s like if you or your stomach want to have a good time head anywhere under the Rockit umbrella. For some great baked macaroni and cheese with four cheeses, head to Rockit Bar and Grill for their signature side.
22 West Hubbard Chicago, IL 312-645-6000

4 The Southern Chicago

Executive Chef Cary Taylor and The Southern obviously know how serious a side of macaroni and cheese is, that’s why they have The Southern Mac and Cheese Truck that serves up the tasty dish around the city. If you really want to know how good it is, look no further than the love they get from their fans on their Facebook page.
1840 West North Avenue Chicago, IL 60622 773-342-1840

5 MacArthur's

To be completely honest, it’s been a little while since I’ve actually been to MacArthur’s but you never forget great food. This West Side soul-food staple has amazing macaroni and cheese that will have you ordering two sides with your dinner entrée.
MacArthur’s 5412 West Madison Street Chicago, IL 60644 773-261-2316
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