Luxury Attaché’s Top 5 NYC Specialty Restaurants

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There is something special for everyone to taste and enjoy in this city. Sample any of Luxury Attaché’s Top 5 NYC Specialty Restaurants’s notorious recipes for a perfected bite.

1 Porchetta

Roasted pork with crispy skin, highly seasoned with aromatic herbs and spices, garlic, sage, rosemary and wild fennel pollen, porchetta is traditional, slow cooked Italian fast food. But Porchetta, this infamous East Village joint, is anything but typical. The 8-item menu is not simple nor plain: the Porchetta Sandwich is absolutely juicy, super fresh, and overall dynamite. Geared for take-out, this “intimate” locale is ideal for late-night dining.
110 East 7th St, between 1st Ave and Ave A

2 S'mac

Mac ‘n’ cheese is the main event at this neighborhood gem. Ideal for satisfying your guiltiest craving, S’mac is hearty, gooey, sharp, sweet, and everything in between. Customize your order based on your preference of cheese, meat, and veggies before eating in-shop or dining in the comfort of your apartment. Saritas Mac and Cheese is utterly irresistable and just keeps calling you back for more. Nostalgic for your childhood? Order the All-American in “nosh” size, combining the finest blends of American and Cheddar cheese.
345 East 12th St, between 1st and 2nd Aves

3 The Meatball Shop

At this fuss free joint, be prepared to roll up your sleeves and have a “ball.” You can’t go wrong with the pretty straightforward menu: pick a classic beef, spicy pork, chicken, vegetable, or special meatball, then your sauce, classic tomato, spicy meat, mushroom gravy, parm cream, or pesto, and enjoy on the carb of choice. A true NYC specialty spot, the Meatball Shop has thrown the boring meatball sandwich out the window and out of the city.
84 Stanton St, between Orchard and Eldridge Sts

4 PB & Co

PB & Co is a casual, West Village lunch restaurant that serves up over 10 trendy flavors to taste. With vintage decor and an overzealous staff, PB & Co is exactly what you’re expecting, but even better. Drop in for a sandwich, bagel, or dessert to sweeten up your afternoon. We recommend The Elvis, a grilled peanut butter sandwich, stuffed with bananas and honey, for a rockin’ lunch. Live on the edge by adding bacon to this indulgent bite. Long live the King! Well, and peanut butter. 240 Sullivan St, between Bleecker and West 3rd Sts.

5 Rocket Pig

From a rural farm in Switzerland comes quite possibly one of the best pork sandwiches you will ever taste. Rocket Pig specializes in pork, pork, and more pork. Slow roasted and smoked, the single item on Rocket Pig’s menu, a smoked spice-rubbed pork on ciabatta roll with red onion jam and mustard sauce, a house-made pickle, and side of rocket pig hot sauce, is all you could ask for in this uber-casual yet simply delicious Chelsea hot spot.
463 West 24th Street, between 9th and 10th Aves
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