Haute Partners : Open Aira with Stephan Fortier

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Stephan Fortier

 Starry-eyed diners can also delight in exchanging letters with the famous Juliet Wall, where one of Juliet’s 120 official Venetian secretaries will respond to any love queries.

Escape TO ITALY’S GLAMOUROUS DOLCE Vita era at Miami Beach’s Tosca. The restaurant offers more than just fine dining; it offers guests a chance to experience a whimsical touches in a sumptous garden atmosphere. Owner Stephan Fortier, who is the heart and soul behind Tosca, delivers creative ingenuity which is present in every aspect of the restaurant, stemming from Fortier’s background in filmmaking, interior design and conceptual artistry.

Tosca’s dining room is unlike any other: covered, yet open to the air, luxurious yet relaxed. Impressive 1940’s Fresnel movie studio spotlights and chocolate-leather banquettes complement fresh flowers and add to the on-set feel. Vintage photos of Hollywood’s Golden Age heartthrobs and starlets like Sophia Loren, Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield line the walls. Fortier has even arranged the dining room to mimic that of a theater with seating facing out to the garden. This gives all diners a view of the action as servers put on tableside presentations while serving delicacies influenced by the Mediterranean Riviera.

Guests who choose to dine in the garden can experience the epitome of Stephan Fortier’s enchanting vision while seated under the stars and amongst lemon trees. Fortier encourages diners to leave their table between courses and participate in Tosca’s outdoor interactions. Couples can escape to the outdoor theater playing black and white classics, whimsical kissing swings, the star gazing station, or to the wishing fountain where they can make a wish by tossing a custom-made Tosca coin that is presented to guests at the end of their meal. Starry-eyed diners can also delight in exchanging letters with the famous Juliet Wall, where one of Juliet’s 120 official Venetian secretaries will respond to any love queries.

Tosca’s unique dining experience extends from décor to food. The select curated menu embraces the restaurant’s philosophy of creating dishes only with the freshest and most exceptional ingredients. Some of the dishes served require ingredients so rare, Tosca is actually the first restaurant to introduce them to the United States. Blue lobsters, which are so uncommon that they occur in only one of every 2 million, are flown in from Brittany. Tosca’s Kobe Ribeye is flown in weekly from Kobe Japan, grade A5 and marbling 12/12 making it a very rare steak to find in the United States. Chicken and lamb dishes are created with only the finest farm raised meats that are so superior, they are traditionally only sold to private chefs. With ingredients like these, Fortier feels he is not merely serving meals, but one-of-a-kind masterpieces that can only be savored at Tosca.

Once guests reserve a table, it is considered theirs for the night, where they are invited to relax and retreat to the carefree glamour of the 1950’s Mediterranean Riviera lifestyle, while never stepping foot on a plane. To keep ordering as easy as possible, in addition to the regular menu, two prix fix menus are available; a 7-course meal for $54 and an over the top 11-course menu for $295.

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