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If you’re anything like me you have a more than overactive sweet tooth, and you like to indulge every now and then. Lucky for us, Chicago has some of the best bakeries in the country and these five are the best at what they do. Honestly, you can have a top 50 and still couldn’t cover all the great bakeries in this city.

1 Molly's Cupcakes

Molly’s cupcakes are the most delicious things I have ever tasted. Anytime a friend comes from out of town it’s literally one of the first places I take them. You can get them plain or filled, with a number of fillings and toppings. The cookies and other pastries are just as amazing as well.
2536 North Clark Street Chicago, IL 773-883-7220

2 Sweet Mandy B's

I actually first learned about Sweet Mandy B’s while watching the Cooking Channel. Once I checked it out for myself, I was almost embarrassed to live here and not know about this gem of a bakery. Whether you’re looking for cakes, cupcakes, cookies or pies, Sweet Mandy B’s does it right.
1208 West Webster Avenue Chicago, IL 60614 773-244-1174

3 Ingram's Busy Bee Bakery

Busy Bee is a little bit outside of the city, but it’s so good it has to be included on the list. They are not fancy at all, it’s truly a good old fashioned nostalgia-inducing bakery. They do every single thing perfectly; their cinnamon rolls are without exaggeration the best ones I have ever tasted in my life. They have everything from cookies to fresh bread, but when you get there be sure to check out their “Atomic Cake.”
5126 Main Street Downers Grove, IL 60515 630-968-8830

4 Brown Sugar Bakery

You have to head to the South Side’s Greater Grand Crossing neighborhood to get a taste of the city’s best Southern-style desserts. The cobblers, pies and pudding are all great but the star of the show is the caramel cake and cupcake. If you have never had caramel cake before you are missing out and you need to make your way here ASAP. Your sweet tooth will thank you.
328 E 75th Street Chicago, IL 60619 773-224-6262

5 Fox & Obel

Believe or not I do understand that not all bakeries are all about sweets. Fox & Obel is widely regarded as one of the best bakeries in the county and their artisanal breads are freshly made and downright amazing. Best thing about going to this Gourmet café/bakery is you can leave with fresh bread, great cheese, chocolate AND wine.
401 East Illinois Chicago, IL 60611 312-410-7301
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