Dori’s World: A Fun, New Accessory—Headphones!

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These new headphones are very feminine and cute and perfect for traveling. Frends, the fashion based electronic accessory brand, is redefining the technology market with the release of a line of headphones designed for fashionable women.

The Frends headphones come in three styles: Ella, Layla, and Taylor. The Taylor and Layla headphones are primarily metal and leather and are designed to be the contemporary woman’s newest statement piece. I got the “Taylor model, which are the largest pair and more of and have fun pairing them with cute travel ooutfits, especially on a place when you want to drown out surrounding noise. The Ella earbud was created to resemble an earring that plays music. Each piece comes in three colorways; gold/white, rose gold/white and silver/black.

Check them out for yourself at

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