Shuichi Take
Where were you born ?
Washington D.C.

How long in Miami:
6 years


Personal Trainer/Fitness Club owner

Favorite Restaurant:
Michael's Genuine and Sra. Martinez (Michael and Michelle are both members of my Fitness Club)
Best Sushi:
Other than my Father's, Shoji

Best Italian:

Best place for late night dining:
In my trainer voice: ?No late night eating!?

Best dessert:
The stuffed chocolate chip cookies at Michael's Genuine (Not in my trainer voice)

Best place for a romantic date:

Best Sunday brunch:
Mmm? brunch. I'm entertaining offers?

Hautest Club/Lounge:
Where is Antonio Misuraca on Saturdays? Wherever he hosts a party is the Hautest place.
Best place for a power business meeting:
Lately I've been having most of them at my Fitness Club

All-around favorite spot in Miami:
I'm a member of a social group called South Beach Athletic Club (SBAC). It's basically a group of guys that throw parties the way they want it: unpretentious, socially inviting and a positive atmosphere. They usually have their get-togethers at great venues so anywhere they are having a party is my favorite venue at that time.
If you have out of town guests, which hotel would you recommend?

Favorite shopping venue/boutique:
Can't remember the last time I went shopping

Best place to buy Jewelry/Watches:
Wrong guy to ask about jewelry

Best Spa:
Not a big spa person, at least not yet
Favorite Charity Event:
Make-A-Wish Gala. It's always star-studded and top notch.

Favorite Cultural Event:
Art Basel
Best Aspect of Miami:
If you can get through the posers, the haters and the bull-shitters there are some genuinely great people here in Miami. I have been fortunate enough to befriend many of them since I have been here. They are positive people who want to see their friends do well and succeed. You can't ask for better friends than that.

Best Steakhouse:
When is Forge reopening??

Best Gym/Athletic Facility:
Shuichi Take Fitness Club
Best Massage:
Anyone have a recommendation? I need one really bad!
Best Limousine/Driving Service:
Carefree Lifestyle
Best Museum/Exhibit:
I need to get out of the Fitness Club and start going to some museums and exhibits
Favorite historic/legendary place to see or explore:
Miami from the water?during the winter! You get a completely different angle of Miami that you don't get to see everyday. Plus it's great knowing that it can be snowing up north but in Miami you can be out on the water in your bathing suit.
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