Pam Davis

Pam Davis is the ideal go-to femme for all fabulous to and must-do’s in Hawaii. Born and bred in Oahu, Davis is a die-hard local not to mention owns, The The Oahu Concierge magazine, a monthly industry publication geared toward front-of-the-house hospitality professionals. In addition to regularly traveling across the island-chain, Pam Davis is a party-circuit fixture cementing her in-the know, well-respected status in Honolulu’s haute society.

Where were you born ?
Honolulu, HI
How long in Hawaii:
Born and raised.
I’m an East Honolulu girl.
Publisher. I actually have two companies: Davis Media, Inc. which is mine alone, that publishes The Oahu Concierge amongst other projects, and R.E.D. Media, Inc., that publishes community newsletters which I run with my brother.
Favorite Restaurant:
Too many to mention. Honolulu is such a culinary hotspot these days.
Best Sushi:
I love to go to Cal Beach Rock N’ Sushi and Doraku Sushi… but Sasabune is to die for.
Best Italian:
It’s a toss-up between wherever Donato is cooking that month and TOWN. Chef Ed Kenney’s handmade pasta dishes are amazing.
Best place for late night dining:
How late? Formaggio late or Sorabol late?
Best Sunday brunch:
We always go to the Outrigger Canoe Club for Sunday brunch. For special occasions, it would have to be Orchids.
Hautest Club/Lounge:
I’m all jazzed about the EDITION’s Lobby Bar right now, but Apartment3 rocks.
All-around favorite spot in Hawaii:
have to say it’s a tie between Kailua and the North Shore. You really can’t go wrong at either and they’re both so quaint and beautiful.
If you have out of town guests, which hotel would you recommend?
Depends on what they’re looking for and their budget. I send a lot to the Sheraton Waikiki, Outrigger Reef, and the Halekulani if they want to be in Waikiki. The Kahala Hotel & Resort always tops the list and I regularly try to send people to the Turtle Bay Resort so I have another reason to go hang out on the North Shore.
Favorite shopping venue/boutique:
Valerie Joseph, Acid Dolls, Kate Spade and BCBG
Best place to buy Jewelry/Watches:
Carats & Karats
Best Spa:
ough call… all of our hotel spas are absolutely fabulous, but I also love Ampy’s.
Favorite Charity Event:
I’ve been involved with the American Heart Association for years, so I have to say Black Tie Blue Jeans.
Favorite Cultural Event:
Art after Dark, but I almost never go these days.
Best Aspect of Hawaii:
It's my home.
Best Steakhouse:
Pick one: Wolfgang’s, Ruth’s Chris, Morton’s, Hy’s, BLT… they all have something different and unique to offer.
Best Pizza:
Harbor Pub
Best Beach:
Lanikai Beach, or absolutely anywhere on the North Shore.
Best Outer Island Vacation:
Hiking the Na Pali Coastline on Kauai or hanging with my friends in Maui.
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