Jordan Nadler
This 22-year-old aspiring actress has got the looks AND the talent. She recently graduated from The Neighborhood Playhouse, an NYC conservatory whose alumni include Robert Duvall, Diane Keaton and Steve McQueen. And although her desire is to one day grace the stages of Broadway, she’s currently having fun as a “Real Weather Girl” for a new iPhone app that has taken the internet by storm. Real Weather Girls features a hand-picked bunch of everyday girls living in cities throughout the country, bringing weather forecasts to your phone every day along with their daily ventures and inside scoop on all of their city’s hot spots.

Because of her current gig, Jordan knows what’s haute around NYC – from the chic after-hour clubs to restaurants around the Meatpacking District. Just don’t ask her where to find the best hamburger, Jordan’s a vegetarian and an avid animal activist

Where were you born ?
Lenox Hill Hospital, Manhattan
How long in New york:
Been living on my own here for four years
Upper East Side
Singer/actress; Life enthusiast
Favorite Restaurant:
Best Ethnic Food:
I’m going through a hummus and falafel phase. Hummus Place in the East Village usually does the trick. But there’s also no beating great Pad Thai at the right Thai place.
Best Italian:
Best place for late night dining:
How late are we talking here? Honestly, any diner with good fries will do just fine.
Best dessert:
I’m a fan of the chocolate cart at The Modern at MoMA
Hautest Club/Lounge:
Used to be Upstairs. Still searching for my new “favorite”. I like Butter.
All-around favorite spot in New york:
Each neighborhood has its own identity, energy, and mood. I can’t pick a favorite. It really depends on what I feel like doing, who I feel like seeing, and what’s going on in each place. Choosing between say the East Village and Soho would be like having to choose your favorite child. What I love about NY is that I have never and will never fully discover everything about it. There is always something new happening and unique experiences to be had.
If you have out of town guests, which hotel would you recommend?
The Gramercy Hotel so I have an excuse to go to Rose Bar.
Favorite shopping venue/boutique:
Just take me to Soho
Best place to buy Jewelry/Watches:
St. Barths? I like finding one-of-a-kind pieces when I’m away.
Best Spa:
Bliss in Soho
Favorite Charity Event:
Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary. Hopefully I will be starting an event for it this year.
Favorite Cultural Event:
Shakespeare in the Park
Favorite Cultural Institution:
Neighborhood Playhouse!!!
Best Aspect of New york:
It’s pulse.
Best Steakhouse:
Never really had a favorite, and now I don’t eat meat sooo…
Best Pizza:
Adrienne’s Pizza Bar on Stone Street
Best Lunch:
Le Pain Quotidien…their spicy avocado sandwich is amazing
Best Gym/Athletic Facility:
When I go, Crunch. Something about the colorful walls makes the experience less excruciating for me.
Best Massage:
I have to tell you, my ex boyfriends have been some pretty incredible foot massagers.
Best Limousine/Driving Service:
Anyone that can swerve and speed like a pro while causing minimal casualties gets my nod.
Best Museum/Exhibit:
I love the American Museum of Natural History. I’ve spent hours wandering around all the exhibits.
Favorite historic/legendary place to see or explore:
I love getting lost in Central Park to be honest. And, I absolutely have gotten completely lost.
Best Sushi:
Used to be Sushi Samba…but I don’t do fish anymore either.
Best place for a romantic date:
It’s been a while since I’ve been wined and dined to tell you the truth - probably BLT Market if I have to go on memory.
Best Sunday brunch:
L’Express on Park and 20th
Best place for a power business meeting:
I’m neither holding nor attending any of those, but when I head up my writing workshops I generally do them in Central Park.
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