Denise Mari
Founder of Organic Avenue, a healthy lifestyle company famous for its L.O.V.E (Live. Organic. Vegan. Experience) detox cleanses and celebrity following, Denise Mari started out of her New York City apartment in 2000 with the goal of assisting people in making the transition to healthy living while keeping it convenient, delicious, affordable and fun. Organic Avenue has now grown to include three stores, several juice bars and two more stores are planned to open in the next month. Mari holds a master’s degree in education and is studying for her second master’s in human nutrition. On top of leading retreats and nutritional cleanses for thousands of people and being the inspiration behind Organic Avenue, Mari is also a certified phlebotomist and colon hydro-therapist, a lifestyle coach and an associate of Dr. Robert O. Young, author of the pH Miracle.
Where were you born ?
Brookhaven Hospital, Long Island.
How long in New york:
Hmmm… I spent the first 15 years and the last 15 years of my life here, so 30 years total. The middle six I spent in Virginia, New Mexico, California and traveling elsewhere.
Just moved to DUMBO Brooklyn from the West Village and LOVE it!
Entrepreneur. I love dreaming and watching it (wo)manifest! I am currently focused on realizing the global vision for Organic Avenue, the company I founded and currently direct.
Favorite Restaurant:
It’s a tie between Pure Food and Wine and Café Blossom.
Best Sushi:
Leave the fish alone! What did they do to you?
Best Ethnic Food:
Hangawi - a fantastic vegan Korean experience.
Best Italian:
Pasta and bread? Have to pass. It has been a looooooong time. But if I thought to give it a try again, I’d find a place in Little Italy, maybe Angelo's back in the day.
Best place for late night dining:
Who is eating late? Not so healthy!
Best dessert:
OMG, the Classic Sundae at Pure Food and Wine or a slice of Chocolate Cake at Café Blossom.
Best place for a romantic date:
Date?! This is the year somebody will have to show me!
Best Sunday brunch:
Quintessence in the East Village.
Hautest Club/Lounge:
Hasn’t arrived in NYC yet, but I’m working on it. It will be Organic Avenue’s LOVE*lounge, coming soon.
Best place for a power business meeting:
Organic Avenue’s The Space of LOVE,* Lower East Side.
All-around favorite spot in New york:
Walking along the West Side Highway to see the sunset, but now it’s catching them through the window from my apartment in DUMBO.
If you have out of town guests, which hotel would you recommend?
The Standard Hotel.
Favorite shopping venue/boutique:
Best place to buy Jewelry/Watches:
Don’t know? They’re not my thing.
Best Spa:
Favorite Charity Event:
ALL events benefiting children, the less fortunate, the unhealthy, animals and the environment EXCEPT for ones donating to pharmaceutical companies for bogus pills that cause more problems than they solve. Beware, they are often dressed as charities!
Favorite Cultural Event:
Christmas time on Broadway.
Best Aspect of New york:
It happens here first!
Best Steakhouse:
Hmmm… no eating of animals, please! I pass.
Best Pizza:
Slice West Village. They have rice crust and amazing vegan cheeses!
Best Lunch:
Organic Avenue juice and soup!
Best Gym/Athletic Facility:
Dharma Mittra Yoga Center.
Best Massage:
The Chinese massages located below ground all over the city. You have to be brave to try it, but it’s the best and most consistent. And so therapeutic!
Best Limousine/Driving Service:
Delancey Car Service.
Best Museum/Exhibit:
I’ve got to get out more…
Favorite historic/legendary place to see or explore:
Simply, Central Park.
Best Broadway show:
Wicked was fun.
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