Top 5 Indian Restaurants in New York City

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New York has plenty of steakhouses, pizza spots, Chinese spots and Mexican spots, but that’s starting to get bland.  Why not spice up your night with curry!  Check out Haute Livings top 5 Indian restaurants in New York City.

1 Mint

Mint Restaurant and Lounge in Manhattan is an Indo-Asian Fusion restaurant that is truly unique in the cuisine scene.  The menu, created by owner and chef Gary Sikka, eclectic and tasty, favorites such as Chicken Curry and Lamb Pasanda are musts plus the Diwan-e-Handi is a delight to vegetarians.  The interior and atmosphere is warm and offers a Zen like tranquility, which will make any night here a memorable one.

150 East 50th st.

New York, NY 10022


2 Junoon

Junoon’s food reflects the diversity of India through the elements of the sub-continents cooking: Handi (pot cooking), Sigri (open fire pit), Pathar (stone), Tawa (griddle) and Tandoor (clay oven).  With these five elements and fresh fish, meat and poultry, you know you’re getting the best Indian cuisine that New York has to offer.  Don’t forget to try Junoon’s handcrafted cocktails at the stylish bar, an ideal spot for the adventurer looking for something different than the token corner bar.

27 West 24th Street

New York, NY 10010

3 Tulsi

Upon walking into Tulsi, past the windows with lines of Sanskrit, a feeling of freshness will come over you.  From the white curtains surrounding the tables hugging the walls to the white and brown chairs and warm lights, Tulsi is a clean, crisp and fresh restaurant.  Even the meaning of the word Tulsi (divine basil) sounds fresh!  Be sure to try the seven-course Chef’s Tasting Menu, which also comes in vegetarian, and wash it down with a spice-friendly wine.

211 East 46th Street

New York, NY 10017
(212) 888-0820

4 Surya

Located in the heart of West Village, Chef Lala Sharma brings 20 years of experience in traditional Indian cooking to Surya.  Through intricate dishes and a free spirited improvisation to his cooking, the dishes here are nothing short of exceptional.

302 Bleecker Street
NY, NY 10014

212 -807-7770

5 1 Darbar

1Darbar likes to stray a little from the traditional Indian cuisine when experimenting in the kitchen.  But that’s a good thing!  Sure you can have the korma and tandoori preparations but why not try Maine Crab Cakes and potato croquettes stuffed with goat cheese with an Indian twist.  Located in Midtown Manhattan, 1 Darbar is ideal for those looking for good food and a warm ambience.

152 East 46th Street

New York, NY 10017
(212) 681-4500

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