Ferrari FXX Lookalike Is Actually The World’s Most Expensive Bike

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Hannes Langeder, who has already designed the world’s slowest Porsche, or the pedal-powered Porsche 911 named the Ferdinand GTS RS, has done it again—but this time with a Ferrari FXX.

The Fahrradi Farfall FFX, taken from “farfalla”, the Italian phrase for butterfly and “fahrrad” the German word for bicycle, couldn’t compete with its 250-mph doppelganger with its top speed of 10 mph, but it is definitely pretty.

Ferrari FXX features gullwing doors, a low-slung profile and aerodynamics that mimic the sleek silhouettes of the high-end supercar. The Fahrradi Farfall FFX seats two and comes with an 11-gear operating mechanism that powers the slim, tandem wheels by, what else, pedal.


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