Top 5 Five-Star Restaurants in Moscow

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If your looking for the highest most decadent quality interiors furnished with chandeliers, dancing bears and other aristocratic amenities, along with the most mouthwatering creative meals in Moscow.  Look no further; here at Haute Living we compiled a list of the top 5 five-star restaurants in this Russian megacity.

1 One Red Square

If you want to eat where the Tsars and oligarchs dine, One Red Square at the State Historical Museum is a must.  With a menu that consists of traditional Russian fare such as Chicken Kiev, and a focus on lighter fish and vegetable meals, it doesn’t get more authentic than this menu created by a Russian historian.  Although the meals are pricey-$50 and above- the view of Red Square is priceless.

1 Red Square, Moscow


2 Anatoly Komm

This hotspot owned and named after the Michelin starred chef, Anatoly Komm is unique in Moscow for it’s molecular cuisine and, to say it lightly, extremely high priced meals.  Since its opening in 2004, Anatoly Komm has been a hotspot for foodies looking for traditional cuisine infused with technology- Komm is known for using centrifuges and vacuum chambers to make truly unique touches on Russian fare.

Kutuzovsky Prospekt 12, Moscow


3 Bolshoi

This haute restaurant in Moscow has a sleek interior with modern pop-art paintings and white chandeliers with walls painted in a warming beige.  Bolshoi sticks with Russian traditional fare-along with modern delicacies- a few highlights on the menu include hearty mushroom soup, seared foie gras and crab with spring cabbage.  Located a small distance away from the Bolshoi Theater; if your looking for an opulent dinner look no further than Bolshoi.

3/6 Petrovka St, Moscow


4 Chicago Prime Steakhouse

Steak lovers rejoice, Moscow’s Chicago Prime Steakhouse offers an array of mouthwatering sirloin, flat iron, filet mignon and burger steaks.  Non-steak lovers don’t worry, the restaurant also has a large vegetarian menu.  With an eclectic wine menu, this steakhouse is key for those looking for a romantic, festive or laid back night.


+7 495-988-1717

5 Pushkin Café

With an old 19th century aristocratic charm, Pushkin Café is nothing short of lavish.  With a menu that matches this haute setting, you’ll be asking the waiter for more crepes stuffed with caviar, sturgeon and hearty soups.  Located inside of a baroque mansion, this is a can’t miss for those looking for opulence and decadence with exquisite meals.

Tverskoy Bulvar 26A, Moscow

+7 495-739-0033

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