Haute Time: Inside Tour of Buben & Zörweg With Harald Buben At Basel World

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My last meeting of the day was by far the coolest. It was with Buben & Zörweg and I must say, WOW. For anyone that owns watches, you know you need a good place to store them. Harald Buben, part owner/partner of Buben & Zörweg, took me around his showroom at Basel World and showed me his newest launch: a partnership with Aston Martin called the Aston Martin Object of Time One-77. This is one of the coolest things I have ever seen and a must-own for an Aston Martin lover with a watch collection.

The Time-One 77 comprises a long list of protection and storage measures, among which we shall mention the humidors, special drawers for watch- and jewelry-storage, four world clocks, time-mover watch winders, a high-security vault, a flying minute tourbillon timepiece and a sound system in which you can plug in your iPod. I explored the Wi-Fi software on this piece with my personal iPhone connected, and my music was playing in less than one minute. The Time One-77 costs just as much or more than the Aston Martin, and there is already a waiting list. Haute Living’s good friend John Simonian is one of the lucky owners taking this piece back to Los Angeles for his store Westime in Beverly Hills.


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