Haute Time: As Swatch Cuts Deliveries, Tag Heuer To Use Japanese Seiko Parts

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When Swiss rival Swatch cut supply lines, Tag Heuer made the announcement that the brand would be sourcing parts from Japanese manufacturer Seiko. The change, the Watchmaker states, would not harm the prized “Swiss made” tag.

Swatch, which has been the main supplier for the Swiss watch industry for decades, has sent watch companies searching for in-house production of materials. Some companies have opted to form alliances with other makers of dials, movements, and cases for their prestigious watches. The move was made by Swatch in order to allow it to concentrate on its own brands, encouraging rivals to build their own lines from the ground up. Tag Heuer, which is a part of French luxury group LVMH, announced its deal on Wednesday to use parts from Seiko. The use of these parts would not impact its “Made in Swiss” label, as Seiko Instruments Inc. is a member of the Swiss Chronometry Society.


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