Haute Time: “The Kiss” Recreated By Jaeger Le Coultre

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Jaeger Le Coultre has created the Atmos Marqueterie clock based on ‘The Kiss,” a famous piece of work by artist Gustav Klimt.

Klimt to created the Mosaic in 1904 using  a piece of art that would build on what his core strength would be; mosaics using 1,200 pieces of wood, each covered with gold leaf to create this master piece, especially the marquetry on the exterior. Now the Jaeger Le Coultre  remake uses maple, walnut, Ceylon lemon, pear, madrona burl and ash burl in the cabinet of this horological masterpiece. It opens up to show the crystal sapphire covered dial which uses handcrafted mother of pearl. The interior lining of the cabinet is rhodium and crystal glass.


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