Top 5 Nightclubs in Moscow

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Check out Haute Living’s choices for the 5 hottest nightclubs in Moscow.

1 Pacha

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Pacha is a nightclub franchise with over 25 nightclubs around the world. Pacha Moscow is located only 5 minutes from the famous Red Square and the Kremlin. It can easily accomadate more than 900 guests at a time with its 1500 meters-square area. The nightclub is filled with outstanding features such as LED displays with a 2.5meter diameter located in various parts of the dance floor and an underground parking for 100 cars with a special elevator so guests can go directly up to the club from the lot. Pacha Moscow also has a VIP area of 30 boxes, half of them equipped with private bathrooms and climate controls.
Pacha Moscow, ul. Nicholas, 10
Tel.: +7 (495) 798-57-77

2 Soho Rooms

Soho Rooms is one of Moscow’s most exclusive clubs. The nightclub is composed of four rooms: The Dining Room, the Bar Room, the Disco Room and Summer Terrace – one of its most attractive features that includes a rooftop pool. Soho Rooms’ restaurant hosts Asian-fusion gourmet cuisine with Russian Specialties. Soho Rooms is all about the atmosphere and its cool, futuristic-yet-elegant vibe. Soho Rooms is open everyday until 4am.

Savvinskiy Bol. Pereulok 12., Str 8 Moscow
(07) 495 988 7444

3 Garage Club

Garage Club is one of Moscow’s longest-running clubs, open since 1998. The Club is located in a dark basement facing Pushkin Square. Garage Club is a club that never sleeps; the DJ Bar/Café is open 24/7, with the nightclub open every Wednesday to Sunday. The venue has two bars, a dance floor, a stage, 2 VIP rooms containing Karaoke and a summer terrace with lush white sofas. The Garage Club also has Hookah available 24/7, and is famous for its legendary R’n’B parties.

Brodnikov Pereulok, 8, Moscow, Russia
+7 (499) 238-7075

4 Krysha Mira Club

The Krysha, or “rooftop”, Mira Club is true to its name. Located on a rooftop next to the Moscow River, this venue is especially luxurious during the summer when couches and cabanas are prevalent. The venue is an airy open space covered by a tented roof and glass walls. Krysha Mira Club draws in celebrities and models, making it an exclusive “high end” nightclub. Aside from the river, Krysha also views the Stalin-era Ukraina Hotel and the White House, where Prime Minister Vladimir Putin runs the country.

Tarasa Shevchenko, Moscow, Russia
+7 (495) 203-6008/6556


Chapurin Bar is yet another extension of famed Russian fashion designer Igor Chapurin’s successes. The interior design of this bar and boutique was designed by the designer himself. All furniture and lighting applications are from Chapurincasa, Chapuirn’s interior design and home decoration line. The sparkling staircase that connects the two floors of the nightclub stands out. Another attractive feature is the color of the water that runs from the tap, which changes between blue and pink depending on the temperature. Chapurin Bar also hosts a menu of French cuisine.

Kuznetsky Most 6/3
Moscow 125009

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