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The most coveted culinary catch to arrive in the U.S. since the Chilean Sea Bass, Amazone Paiche has been taking over Miami’s top restaurants and events this summer.

Having satiated star athletes and celebrities like Alonzo Mourning, Jason Taylor and Jeffrey Donovan during Zo’s Summer Groove, South Floridia foodies can now try  Paiche during Miami Spice as select restaurants such as Palme d’Or, Area 31, Meat Market and Sushi Samba have added the “Super Fish” to their menu for a limited time.

As a rare delicacy, Amazone Paiche is known for it’s crisp taste and thick, juicy filets with no traces of harmful mercury or other heavy metals commonly found in some fish of comparable size (Peruvian Amazone Paiche grows up to 450 lbs). Not only is this fish haute, but its extremely healthy. It is raised all natural in first use water, free of chemicals, hormones, or contaminants. Chefs favor its consistent quality, flavor, texture and sustainable aqua farming practices. Paiche is also able to withstand high cooking temperatures because of its high collagen content, allowing the formation of a delicious crust on the outside while retaining juiciness on the inside.

Artisanfish is the exclusive importer, wholesaler and distributor of Amazone Paiche to the Americas, marketing it for $13 a pound.

For more information on the Amazone Paiche please visit: artisanfish.com.

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