Top Five Korean BBQ Restaurants in Moscow

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Chinese and Japanese restaurants aside, the other Asian foods are sorely under-represented in Moscow. When it comes to cuisine such as Korean, your options are very limited. However, there are some very good restaurants that do specialize in Korean cuisine and offer very plausible Korean BBQ.

1 Beliy Zhuravl Restaurant

This nicely decorated South-Korean restaurant is passionate about introducing diners to its national cuisine. Helpful, friendly staff are ready and waiting to guide you through the menu. Korean pancakes, high-octane kimchi soup and showpiece bulgogi (Korean BBQ cooked on hotplates at the table) are highly recommended.

Frunzenskaya Embankment, 14/1, +7 495 7750656

2 Gaya Restaurant

Gaya is a good shout for both client dining and supper with friends. Restrained, contemporary dark-wood decor & well-trained staff give a professional feel to the operation, though the focus on traditional tabletop barbecue means a visit here is always an enjoyable experience. Away from the barbecue, other homely specialities include a large range of steaming hotpots.

Kosygina street, 15, +7 495 9398039

3 Insadong Restaurant

Insadong used to be called - Korean House. With the change of signs, little has been changed. Subtle lighting and room dividers soften the huge space of the restaurant. Koreans come here either in the big company to celebrate something or in pairs for quiet dinner. Each table is equipped with a hotplate and a bell to call a waiter.
Almost obligatory appetizers: Spicy cabbage, salted cucumbers, fried zucchini, marinated carrots, mushrooms - a total of eight plates  plus a large pot of rice. All served with the beef with steamed vegetables makes it quite a substantial dinner for two.

Volgogradsky prospect, 26, +7 495 6701300

4 Hana Restaurant

Hana has won over the locals with its fun atmosphere, good food and its dedication to the theatre of Korean barbecues. The kitchen stays with the traditional theme by offering a full quota of culinary staples from authentic bulgogi to lamb skewers, soya bean soup and steamed & pan-fried vegetable dumplings. Don’t forget to try a dish of eponymous kimchi – Korea’s emblematic, tongue-tingling pickled cabbage.

Kasygina street, 15, Orlenok Hotel, +7 495 9398445

5 Koryo Restaurant

New restaurant Koryo is specialising in the exotic cuisine of Pyongyang. It’s Moscow’s only North Korean restaurant. In addition to several pages of sushi and sashimi and the expected Korean staples, the menu offers much that you might not have tried before. There is a whole page dedicated to the must-try signature dish, cold noodles or naengmyeon, available in several varieties. In broad the food is less sweet and less salty than in South Korean restaurants.

Ordzhonikdze street, 11, building 9, + 7495 232 4352

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