Top Five 24-Hour Diners in Chicago

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3 am and out on the town? Sometimes you just crave that post-bar pancake or egg dish to help lull you to sleep. So bring on the sheep because here are your best greasy spoons for a late night bite.

1 Melrose Restaurant

The quintessential Boystown diner, order a variety of breakfast and lunchtime favorites 24/7. From cabbage soup to coffee, the real fun is the people watching on Broadway because you never know what character may stumble in.

3233 N. Broadway St. 773.327.2060.

2 Jeri’s Grill

Jeri’s is home-cooking away from home. Taking utmost care in their offerings, they won’t serve you something if it’s not up to their standards for the day.With a cool old school kitchy feel, jam to the jukebox while nursing your hangover.

4357 N. Western Ave. 773.604.8775.

3 Huck Finn Donuts & Snack Shop

Famous for their donuts topped with ice cream and whipped cream, this old school soda fountain has had the whole family engaged for years.

3414 S. Archer Ave.773.247.5515.

4 Diner Grill

With a generic name, Diner Grill or Dinner Grill, depending which side of the converted train car you enter, this is a real authentic Chicago spot where the cooks take care of you and even play stand in shrink if you need someone to listen to your problems.

1635 W. Irving Park Rd. 773.248.2030.

5 Clarke’s

Your classic diner, they must be doing something right with locations popping up all over the city. The original is always crowded and a good spot if you’re craving an old school greasy burger and shake.

930 W. Belmont Ave. 773.348.5988.

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