The Top 5 Hibachi Restaurants in Dubai

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Delicious Japanese Teppanyaki (otherwise known as Hibachi in US lingo) grilled on an iron plate right before your eyes. It’s lovely to watch your food being prepared and experience that little bit of extra hunger as your imagination takes command of what will soon be yours. Visit the following top five Hibachi restaurants in Dubai.

1 Minato

One of Dubai's most popular Japanese restaurants, Minato is also renowned for its delicious Teppanyaki. The restaurant serves classic and authentic dishes with a contemporary twist. Minato is especially popular on Monday and Thursday night for its generous buffet which includes a live Teppanyaki table.

Radisson Blu Hotel

04 222 7171

2 Kiku

Kiku is known for its emphasis on the seasonality of food and ingredients. Upon entrance you'll see many Japanese clients. It's always a positive when you witness the locals eating at restaurant featuring their homeland cuisine. Enjoyed an unmatched Sushi counter, Teppanyaki table, Tatami room and sake bar.

Le Meridien Al Garhoud

04 217 0000

3 Miyako

Excellent Japanese cuisine offering many authentic specialties, Miyako is popular for its traditional Japanese style dining experience. The restaurant features a sushi bar, private teppanyaki tables, and a private tatami room. Contemporary yet authentic, Miyako is popular for casual dining and family outings. Enjoy deep-fried eggplant for starters; a rainbow sushi roll featuring a six-piece circular of tuna, salmon and hammour wrapped in barbecued eel; and of course, watch master chefs prepare teppanyaki right before your eyes.

Hyatt Regency

04 317 2222

4 Benihana

Renowned world-wide for its constant entertainment and Teppanyaki, Benihana has become one of the most popular Japanese steakhouses in town. The restaurant hosts sushi and teppan nights where you can delight in a constant stream of freshly prepared cuisine right before your eyes.

Amwaj Rotana

Jumeirah Beach Residence

04 428 2000

Al Bustan Rotana

Al Garhoud

04 282 0000

5 Teppanyaki House

This restaurant's name says it all: it's entirely dedicated to Teppanyaki. This cozy Japanese restaurant offers a long list of dishes all of which are prepared right before your eyes. Check out the restaurant's sushi deals and the all you can eat buffet. Teppanyaki House is a casual yet welcoming restaurant for all of your Teppanyaki favorites.

Ramada Hotel

04 506 1150

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