Top 5 Caviar Restaurants in Chicago

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The definition of luxury, black caviar is a delicacy served in small quantities at some of the top establishments in the city. A true haute cuisine, caviar was once reserved for Russian czars, Iranian shahs and Austrian emperors and now is accessible to the upper society members for a hefty price tag.

1 Tru

Offering progressive French cuisine at its finest, Tru delivers fresh ingredients, bold creativity and artistic presentation, the caviar staircase collection is a luxury tasting of sturgeon caviars.

676 N. St. Clair St. 312.202.0001.

2 L20

On the luxury ingredient tasting menu, Oscietra caviar is the opening course, served with kindai toro, wasabi and shisho. Try it in the Tatami Room, presented by a kneeling server, this experience is designed to honor Japan’s most revered culinary art where ingredients harmonize in taste, texture, appearance and color.

2300 N. Lincoln Park West. 773.868.0002.

3 Everest

From its location on the 40th floor of the Chicago Stock Exchange, Everest offers breathtaking views of Chicago on par with the exquisite wine and cuisine offered by Chef Joho accompanying imported Caspian Sea Caviar by the ounce.

440 S. LaSalle St., 40th Floor. 312.663.8920.


RIA offers an ever-changing menu of sustainably sourced, local products coupled with the finest of ingredients. The sea scallop, caviar, octopus, fumet blanc dish on the tasting menu is to die for.

11 E. Walton. 312.880.4400.

5 Russian Tea Time

The American Sturgeon Paddlefish Caviar Service is served with blintzes, chopped red onion, boiled eggs, sour cream, and drawn butter. Paddlefish, a smaller cousin of Caspian Sea sturgeon, consistently produces fine roe.

77 E. Adams St. 312.360.0575.

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