The Top 5 Pizza by the Slice Restaurants in Dubai

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It will be hard to find someone who doesn’t have a love for a hearty Italian pizza. Whether it’s a Quattro Formaggi (Four Cheeses), a Margherita, Pizza ai Funghi (with mushroom) or a Calzone; get your Italian fix at these top pizzerias in Dubai.

1 Al Fresco

Delight in delicious thin crust Italian pizza at Al Fresco. Try the Quattro Stagione which is cut into four slices or the Vegetarian which is equally as tasty.

Crowne Plaza Dubai

04 331 1111

2 Marzano

One of the best places to get pizza in town, Marzano is the place to get your Italian dose. A regular for many you'll see constant circle of familiar faces. Besides pasta try delicious pastas, salads and desserts.

Downtown Burj Khalifa

04 420 1136

3 Toscana

Enjoy your pizza by the waterfront of Madinat Jumeirah at Toscana, a place consistently packed to the brim with eager guests. In addition to zesty Italian pizzas try delicious pastas, salads, and desserts.

Souk Madinat Jumeirah

04 366 6730

4 Bussola

Try a thin-crusted authentic wood-fired pizza at Bussola in the Westin. Choose from a sea-view terrace, a formal area downstairs, or a rooftop pizzeria. Try as well the lobster ravioli and also an abundant variety of home-made ice creams.

The Westin

04 399 4141

5 Piazza Italia

A cozy Italian trattoria-like restaurant in Dubai Marina, Piazza Italia has without a doubt some of the best pizza in Dubai. Delicious warm crusts and a great variety of mediteranean toppings, order take-away or eat in the restaurant's charming surroundings.

Dorrabay Tower

Dubai Marina

04 399 0039

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