The Top 5 Pizza-By-The-Slice Restaurants in Dallas

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Pizza has been on your menu for, let’s face it, decades now. What was once perfectly fine reheated after a long night of studying or partying is now under scrutiny for consistency, flavor, size, freshness. Pizza by the slice has become something one can find at movie theaters and theme parks – but does this mean the end of flavorful, authentic Italian pie parts? Of course not. Here’a the best places to grab a slice in the Big D.

1 Porta Di roma

One of downtown’s many Italian eateries, Porta Di Roma offers pizza by the slice much like its neighbors. The difference is in the pie.  Forget the cold, cardboard counterparts: the giant slices at Porta Di Roma are authentic Italian varieties such as the Pizza Funghi Trifolati, made with mushrooms, garlic, olive oil and fresh tomatoes – without the sauce. Or, go sans cheese with their Cheeseless Pizza, made with eggplant, red onion, spinach and tomato sauce. It’s perfect for lactose intolerant individuals who still want to get their slice on. You can also come in to Porta for some late night bites, including mussels and shrimp scampi.

1623 Main St., 214-752-0855,

2 Pastazio's

Authentic New York Style pizza is hard to come by among these parts, maybe because the real style of the New York pie becomes diluted and mysterious the further south you go. Somehow we managed to add one to our ranks: Pastazio’s. The toppings are all there - from anchovies to sweet roasted peppers – but of course the real attraction here is the dough. Hand-tossed, crisp yet malleable, fragrant and flavorful. Worth the trip alone.  And, thank goodness, they do pizza by the slice for pie lovers on the go.

5026 Addison Circle, (972) 386-9200,

3 Original Italian Café

Thin crust is the best, yeah yeah we've heard it. Sometimes it's that thick, hot, flavorful crust that hits the spot. Luckily Original Italian Cafe has generous slices of stuffed crust pizza for your enjoyment. It's crowded after 2 a.m. on weekends because the local hotspots such as Plush and Mantus let out and hungry clubbers show up for a slice. It's only natural - dancing makes one ready for thick pies.

115 S Field St., (214) 651-7000,

4 Pizza by Marco

A recent trip to Pizza by Marco reaffirmed my addiction to their slices. I know I am not alone in this, as many have raved about their thin, crispy crust, and artisan, fresh toppings. Pizza by Marco was in Dallas decades before the TV show “Dallas” even aired, if that gives you an idea of the scope of this place, which reserves the title of the first Dallas pizzeria. I would go for the Bruschetta if you’re a veggie-lover, of the Full Moon for a good dose of delicious alfredo sauce and four kinds of cheese.

10720 Preston, Suite 1014, (214) 363-6122,

5 Lover's Pizza

It's New York Style Pizza, but it's really just what makes the taste buds of Dallas citizens flutter. Lover's Pizza has been an under the radar favorite for years, and they offer thick and thin crust, your choice. Gigantic pizza by the slice, with all your fave toppings, delivered to your home or office door? Priceless.

5605 W Lovers Ln., (214) 353-0509,

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