The Top 5 Omelets in Dallas

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Some breakfast dishes are so delicious that they can’t even be held in the confines of the breakfast time of day.  Enter the omelet. With so many ways to flavorize this fluffy concoction, it’s no surprise you’ve got cravings for them at all hours of the day.

1 The Country Style Frittata at The Grape

The Grape has been a Greenville landmark for ages, but its face lift in 2007 courtesy of Chef/Owner Brian Luscher has made it even more of an attraction. Luscher smokes and cures his own ham and bacon, makes his own breakfast sausage and uses the freshest ingredients to make his brunch specialties. His Country Style Frittata may not be your typical omelet, served baked in its skillet filled with broccoli, oven-dried tomatoes, asiago and goat cheese and crispy pancetta, but it will become your number one breakfast craving Sunday mornings. Try a side of Fried Polenta Cheese Fritters while you're at it.

2808 Greenville Ave, (214) 828-1981,

2 The Lobster Omelet at Dragonfly

It's good to have a delicious, melt-in-your-mouth omelet in the morning while on vacation. In this case, you'll be staying at the luxe Hotel ZaZa, journeying downstairs to Dragonfly for their sumptuous Sunday brunch (locals are invited too, of course.) If you're in the mood, opt for the most decadent omelet on the menu, made with succulent lobster, mushrooms and tarragon. Perfection.

3 Create Your Own Omelet at Nick & Sam's Grill

If you're headed to Nick & Sam's Grill for brunch, be prepared to wait awhile. It's arguably uptown's favorite weekend breakfast spot. While there are some particular dishes like the Captain Crunch French Toast that draw the biggest crowds, don't shy away from the Create Your Own Omelet section of the menu. Get your eggs or egg whites mixed with smoked salmon or roasted chicken, three kinds of cheese and all your fave fresh veggies.

2816 Faimount St, (214) 303-1880,

4 The Beast at Kozy Kitchen

Kozy Kitchen has just the ticket for anyone with a larger-than-life morning appetite. Growling stomach, meet The Beat: four eggs with grass-fed beef, asparagus, onions, sun-dried tomatoes and topped with raw cheese. There's also the Star omelet with venison for all those game lovers, and an organic omelet for those who go green.

4433 McKinney Ave, (214) 219-5044,

5 Texas Omelet at AllGood Cafe

It wouldn't be a list of the best omelets in Dallas if there wasn't one with Texas chili on it. Luckily it's AllGood Cafe to the rescue. Their fluffy three-egg omelet is stuffed with their famous Texas Chili, a savory and spicy concoction, plus chopped onion and cheddar cheese. Get the black beans on the side for a true southwest flavor.

2934 Main St, (214) 742-5362,

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