The Top 5 Places to Sip Espresso in Dubai

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How else not to break up your day and get a little kick with a lovely dose of a smooth and creamy espresso? Believe it or not, this renowned Italian shot of coffee has its origins on a hillside in Ethiopia. Numerous stories site that coffee was found in the African country and discovered by the Arabs around 1000 AD who then brought it to Venice through trade in the 16th century. The Italians then developed a lively coffee culture of their own. As a city of crossroads, you can find a strong Arabic coffee brew as well as the renowned Italian espresso in Dubai. Delight in the following top places for your espresso break in Dubai.

1 Emporio Armani Cafe

This swanky restaurant and bar located in the uber-trendy Fashion Avenue of the Dubai Mall, sits 110 people and is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and serves one of the best espressos in Dubai

Dubai Mall

04 339 8396

2 Cafe Florian

The renowned 18th century Venetian cafe Florian located in St. Mark's square is one of the world's oldest coffee houses and institution in its own right. Goethe, Byron, Charles Dickens and Proust as well as other esteemed dignitaries and intellectuals have frequented the cafe for centuries. It now has a home in Dubai. Although the cafe cannot boast of it's namesake's history, it does feature marvelous espressos, Italian meals and pastries.


04 323 1833

3 Fauchon

The prestigious Parisian patissier Fauchon is now located in Dubai. Found in 1886 in the Place de la Madeleine in Paris, Fauchon is synonymous French luxury culinary culture. Delight in mouth-watering chocolats, eclairs, macarons, and of course, a French rendition of the espresso, a petit café.

Dubai Mall

04 339 8024

4 Bateel Cafe

Bateel, a Saudi chain renowned for its dates, is keeping Arabic coffee (also known as Turkish coffee) in vogue. Perhaps the Middle East's equivalent to Starbucks, although on a much higher scale, enjoy a wonderful Arabic cafe filtered with an array of oriental spices such as saffron, cardamon, and clove. Lunchtime meals are also delicious and the atmosphere is congenial and welcoming.


04 370 0404

5 Basta Art Cafe

Tucked away from the traffic and noise in a nice green enclave, Basta Art Cafe offers you the chance to sip your espresso and unwind amidst a chilled out atmosphere decorated in visual art made by local artists. Delicious hearty meals, lovely teas and espresso comprise this earthy and enriching venue.

Bur Dubai

04 353 5071

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