The Top 5 Places to Sip Espresso in Dallas

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As with most cities, finding a decent cup of coffee can be somewhat of a task in Dallas. Discovering the perfect espresso is even more of a feat. You’d rather guzzle gasoline than succumb to a quick stop at Starbucks, and the mom and pop shops lack that European classiness one gets while enjoying an authentic Cuban espresso on a sun dappled patio. For the best coffees in the coolest atmospheres, check out the top 5 places to sip espresso here in Dallas.

1 La Duni Latin Kitchen and Coffee Studio

La Duni Latin Kitchen is a family-owned eatery and bakery that takes pride in crafting real espresso coffees for their guests. There’s nothing like sipping a Cuban Espresso while nibbling on an indulgent slice of Quatro Leches Cake, topped with Caramelized Swiss Meringue. Their newest venture, Dulce, is far North in Fairview but worth the trip if you’re a true coffee connoisseur, as it focuses solely their Euro-Latin coffee influences while serving up Micrema frozen desserts and latin beignets.

8687 N Central Expy, (214) 520-7300,

2 The Pearl Cup

One of the newest niche coffee shops in town comes from two Austin ladies, who moved here and were disappointed to find so many big business java places and hardly any serene havens for boite bliss. Setting up post at the head of the bustling Henderson Ave, Pearl Cup is a hub for all the hip afternooners and late nighters that frequent the area. They also serve three different kinds of espresso from three roasters: the Espresso Meritage World Class Blend by Cuvee Roaster in Austin; the Espresso Delicato by Eiland Roaster in Dallas; and the "Guest Express," which revolves around many roasters across the country.

1900 Henderson Ave, (214) 824-9500,

3 Espumoso Caffe

Espumoso Caffe may have just opened a second location in Las Vegas, but their roots are here in the Bishop Arts District. The laid back atmosphere of the area gels well with the Euro-Latin ambience of Espumoso, who not only dishes out incredible espresso concoctions such as their Espumoso Frappe, espresso blended with Bailey’s ice cream topped with chocolate (makes a better dessert than early morning eye opener), but also savory empanadas and Paninis. Try their homemade biscotti for a real treat.

408 N Bishop Ave Ste 105, (214) 948-2055,

4 Oddfellows

Oddfellows just opened last December in Oak Cliff, but made a giant splash in the ranks of the coffee class by acquiring one of the rarest and most expensive espresso machines in the world, the Italian-made La Marzocco Strada espresso machine that retails for around $24,000. It is rumored to be one of only four in the country, and 11 worldwide. The machine itself has variable pressure levels, which output different flavors from the same bean. Does it tickle your taste buds? Venture over for a taste and discover which pressure point give you the right jolt.

316 W 7th St, (214) 944-5958,

5 Astoria Caffe

Nestled amid the busy area of Addison Circle is Astoria Caffe and Wine Bar. The relaxing outdoor patio is ideal for people watching, while you sip on your coffee or glass of wine – pending the time of day and the mood you’re in. Like things sweet? Get a shot of Red Raspberry in your macchiato, or enjoy a Milky Way espresso drink with Guittard caramel and whipped cream.

15701 Quorum Dr, (972) 239-5853,

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