The Top 5 Lobster Dinners in Moscow

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The best lobster restaurants in Moscow can be found throughout the capital. From oyster and other shells bars to red lobster specialists if you are a crustacean’s lover you will be spoilt for choice. Haute Living’s pick of the best lobster restaurants include celebrity favourites for romantic meals out and restaurants which welcome larger groups. Take your pick.

1 La Maree Restaurant

La Maree specializes in Mediterranean dishes. Hundreds of fish verities are delivered here every day; there are 12 different kinds of oysters alone on the menu. Another attraction is a seafood boutique installed inside where you can buy fish and cook at home. Kamchatka crab and blue Breton lobsters are among best seafood delights on the menu.

Petrovka Street, 28/2,

2 Nedalny Vostok Restaurant

Foddies will be surprised to find a huge variety of oysters and mussels, clams and lobsters and fingers of Kamchatka crab meat arranged on ice at Nedalny Vostok. Live crabs occupy a large aquarium. The menu has expensive signature fish dishes; it is also worth investigating the lobster specialities.

Tverskoy Boulevard, 15, building 2, +7 495 6940641

3 Sirena Restaurants

Opened in 1992, Sirena it’s a piece of culinary history as Moscow’s first seafood restaurant. To this day, Sirena has retained its original concept of European cuisine with a focus on seafood. The food at Sirena is unique. Every dish on the menu is beloved and requested. Every type of fish on the ice inside the restaurant’s glass case has its devotees. Depending on the day, Sirena may have available Murmansk crabs, turbot, and certainly lobster, which, upon ordering, is retrieved from the tank in front of the guest’s very eyes and taken into the kitchen alive.

Bolshaya Spasskays street, 15, +7 495 608 14 12

4 Porto Maltese Restaurant

Porto Maltese in Moscow is a part of worldwide fish restaurants network. The eatery does not have a traditional menu. The fish and other seafood are laid out on a cushion of ice next to the kitchen. You pick what you want to eat and how you want it to be cooked. The restaurant boasts a rich collection of shells and other crustaceans: mussels, clams, oysters, cockles, piddocks, prstavci, shrimps, langoustines, scallops, lobster, and langouste. You can also enjoy these dainties prepared grilled or in white or red sauce. Some, such as lobster, are prepared after their own house recipe, with rice.

For various locations please visit

5 Noev Kovcheg Restaurant

Luxury Festival of Oysters and Lobster have just started in restaurant Noev Kovcheg. The special menu features: Fin de Claire oysters, hot oysters, lobster salad, light lobster soup, lobster Thermidor, lobster Bellevue, as well as meals prepared on open fires - lobster in spicy brandy oil and langouste. Exceptional French wine set is selected to come with the festival dishes.

Maly Ivanovsky pereulok, 7,

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